How to sell a picture

Many artists are wondering how to sell their picture?

Despite the fact that artists are creative people, to approach the sale of their work, it is necessary to pragmatic and in many ways cynical as real business processes.

Today, the most expensive picture (“Scream” Munka) has been sold at auction in the Sotheby's auction house for $ 120 million. Given that the artist himself was born in a poor family and in early childhood lost his mother and older sister, during his life Munk could not even think that someone would pay such money for his work.

If you study the biographies and creative path of artists of past years, you can emphasize for yourself a couple of useful moments that will help to better understand what needs to be done today so that your work is sold.

How artists of the past sold paintings ...

Many talented artists of the past lived in the starvation and were content with small. Their talent was appreciated by society only after death and in many ways, thanks to the entrepreneurial art dealers, who artificially inflated the cost of work. The most indicative example is Vincet Van-Gog. During his lifetime, he managed to sell only one picture. He ended his life in a clinic for sincere patients, where he committed suicide. And after death, the cost of his works flew at times, thanks to calculating German dealers.

But fortunately, most artists have not developed so tragic. For example, Paul Gauguin swam on merchant ships, served in a military fleet, and after the service he got a job with a stock broker, which provided him with a solid income. He discovered his passion for art in adulthood, already having solid capital behind him.

But there were examples of artists whose talent was appreciated by contemporaries. A striking example is Rubens. Even during his lifetime, he received the position of court painter. Many noble and rich people, that time, considered it an honor to order their portrait from the master.

Talent, luck, zeal, life circumstances that success make up. Thus, we can conclude that the path to the glory of the artists of the past is not much different from the current creators.

How to sell the picture artist in the 21st century?

at what price to sell pictures?

You need to answer the question how much the picture should cost and to whom you are going to sell it. Selling a picture whose cost is 2000 - 3000 rubles ten times more - this is also an art

On the Internet there are many articles where it is said that the final price of your picture should be made up of an assessment of the month of your life or time that you spent on writing the picture. If a young artist decides to adhere to these principles, declaring prices for his paintings for 100,000 or 200,000 thousand rubles to everyone and everywhere, then the chances of selling his work are close to zero. The target audience is the main point in pricing in art business.

If you live in a small city where the purchasing power of the population is not large, then the price of the picture should be set, starting from the financial capabilities of the population. For example, if the average salary in the region is 15,000 rubles. That range of prices for paintings should be from 10 to 40 thousand rubles. The picture is not treated with everyday demand and dumping. Gradually, your popularity will grow and the cost of work can be increased. If you are a famous and popular artist, then the price of your work depends only on your name and greed.

It should also be understood who and why buy a picture.

Who are the buyers of your paintings?

The first and most desired group of customers is investors. These people acquire a picture in order to save and increase their capital. They are quite competent in matters of art and will not take the work of a little -known author for a lot of money. You can sell your picture if you managed to personally get to know them either through an art dealer. But having made such a deal, you automatically raise the prestige of your name, and, accordingly, the cost of all your subsequent paintings.

The next group of buyers is the so -called "pseudo -investors." They buy the work of little -known artists for little money, attend secondary exhibitions and artistic collapse. And they will never buy the picture the cost of more than 30,000 rubles.

The next group of customers are people who want to buy a picture to decorate her interior. These are quite wealthy people, but they are not ready to pay big money for the "interior subject". The price from 500 to 1000 dollars will be a very reasonable offer for them.

And another group of buyers are people who have sunk your work in the soul. Their solvency can be completely different, all the same, the main thing is that your work was appreciated. I know some artists who simply gave their work in this situation.

Where and how to sell paintings?

Now consider the methods of promoting your work to the final buyer. First of all, these are personal contacts and connections. Maybe among your acquaintances and loved ones there are people who are able to financially evaluate your creativity or recommend someone. If there are no one, then you should pay attention to your own portfolio. In the 21st century, his site or blog should have every person who wants to hear about him.

The next method Sell a picture is art dealers. The dealer with you will determine the cost of paintings and his commission. Usually it is from 30% to 50%. It remains to wish to meet a decent and good enterprising person. The methods of work of some dealers are very doubtful and not effective.

How to make money by selling your own and other people's paintings

For some reason, it is believed that only artists can earn painting. Although let's admit honestly - this is not every of them, and all because most modern painters have already managed to appropriate the title of “genius” (unrecognized, as you understand), and now they are waiting for a philanthropist or a philanthropist or their workshop or their workshop A rich collector to buy a picture from them for a million.

At the same time, they do not even understand two elementary things:

  • Modern painting can bring millions to those who want to engage in the sale of paintings;
  • Each on modern painting can even one who does not know how, and is not even going to draw.

All that is needed for this is the picture. Draw it or buy it, since only its presence has its value. Then immediately proceed to sell the picture. But remember that if you really want to make money on painting, you initially need to know that the picture you are collecting to sell should have the following qualities:

  • It should be as large as possible, at least 1 m per 1.6 m, since its main purpose is to be hung on the wall of a huge apartment or expensive mansion.
  • It should be really modern, and in order to understand the trends of modern painting, it is only necessary that you need to read several articles on the topic “Modern Painting” and “The most expensive modern paintings”.
  • The picture should be beautifully designed - an expensive subframe, frame and nails (and not paper clips) with which it is attached to the canvas are required!

продать картинуAnd now you have such a picture, now you must try to sell it. And for this there are several ways. One of them is to try to sell the picture through countless virtual salons by posting a photograph of your picture on the most such sites as possible. But practice shows that paintings are well sold there, whose price does not exceed $ 100-150, and all that is more expensive, freezes in the archives of sites for many years.

and the option, which is the most correct and profitable of all existing ones. And it consists in the fact that having issued documents for export and sales of the picture abroad (meaning America, Western Europe and developed Asian countries), you go with your picture to any of the capitals of the above countries. And there you spend a few days to get around all the art salons, of which only one Paris is more than 1.500, and which are certainly no less in London, Berlin and Tokyo.

Do you think it is pointless?

In this case, the time has come to tell about the prices of the canvases exported by our artists and merchants painting abroad.

So: the salons of Europe and Asia are buying up paintings that we have at 300 - 400 dollars at a price that uses at least a dozens of times, so that by posting these paintings in our halls, to get each of them already 50, 70, or even more than thousands!

by the way, you can also get closer to obtaining the above amounts, but provided that the salon will pay you the money for the picture after its sale, taking its “legal” 50-60%. But we would not advise you to do this if you are not a lot and a well -writing artist whose name can be promoted by making a fashionable, and therefore perfectly paid. Agree to the option of instant sale of paintings by receiving your 3-4 thousand euros for each of the canvases you sold. Believe me - this is more than not bad payment for two weeks of work. That's how much you will need to buy paintings, draw up documents for export, take and sell all the canvases you purchased, and return home with a comfortable person,

So, as you can see, in order to become rich thanks to the sale of paintings, to be able to draw absolutely not necessary.

Our project, Initially, it was created for sales of paintings over the Internet and, again, initially, designed for Western buyers. The calculation has fully justified itself. We continue to “expand” and give the opportunity to publish photos of his paintings on our website, i.e. In fact, “cut the window to Europe” for your work. Having opened your pages on our website, you may not think about “promotion” on the Internet, but calmly engage in creativity, and we will take care of the advertising of the site and your pages in particular. Attendance and rating of your pages will be tens, if not hundreds of times more than if you create your personal site. These are not red words, this is reality.

It is wonderful if you already have your own site or pages on the Internet. In addition to them, you can place the work with us and indicate the address of our site created by our pages. And visitors from our gallery will switch to your site and there will already be able to see all the other your works.

It is planned to create several more sections, not virtual, but real promotions, etc. will be carried out and will be carried out. and so on. It is planned to praise paintings to the new and rich market of China.

We believe that luck on our side is Our virtual gallery of paintings - Not just a business, it's also a hobby.