How to buy and to whom to sell

The art is bought and sold at auctions, in galleries, antique stores, from the hands of the artist and on flea markets. Tinkoff Black owners can make cashback for the purchase of art works Auctions.

In the famous auction houses "Sotbis" and "Christis", the work of already famous artists falls - one hundred thousand rubles not to walk there.Therefore, we are interested in small auctions. To participate in most auctions, preliminary registration is needed.Bet can be made personally, by phone or on the site.If your bet won, in order to get a thing, you will also have to pay the commission to the auction house.

In Russian houses, the commission is from 5 to 20%. Auctions work on the principle of Caveat Emptor - "Let the buyer be vigilant."If you bet and changed your mind, you will have to pay a penalty of 10%.You can just return the purchase and get your money back, but only if there are complaints about safety or quality: for example, the thing looks worse than it was stated, or turned out to be fake.If the purchase is simply arranged, you will have to put it on bidding. Each lot has Estimaite - the amount that experts appreciated by the work.Some auctions do not sell lots that have not reached the eastyite, but usually you can agree.