Handbook of stone masters and artists of stone carvings in alphabet

School of St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg

  • Aganzov Armenak.
    Cheresteris and jeweler.
  • Aleksey lock
    Cherester, has been working since 1999, first in the Bagulnik, then in the company Kachalov.
  • Ananiev A.
    Kamerez.Born on April 1, 1960 in Leningrad.
  • Ananiev Anton Valentinovich
    Born 1976Camereus artist.Founder of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov. Cauler of the Order named afterA.K.Denisov-Uralsky (2008; sign No. 8), cavalier of the small sign of the Order of M. Pergin (2011).Outstanding promotion of stone-abrupt art, founder, editor-in-chief and author of many articles of the Almanac “Sizaf” (2007-2010).
  • Ananov Andrey Georgievich
    (Born in 1945).Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Cavalier of the state awards of Russia and France. The owner and artistic director of Russian Jewelry Art - Andrei Ananov (1988), the first private jewelry enterprise of Leningrad.Cavalier of the Order of M. Pergin (2010).The ideologist and curator of the creation of stone -abrupt plasticity in their enterprise.The work of the company: "Old soldier."B.15.5 cm. "Kucher".B.17 See the "Beast".The character of the fairy tale "Scarlet Flower".Camerez artist S.P.Shimansky, 1992 8.8 x 6 x 5.8 cm. "Amber Panther".Prize of the Film Festival in Kaliningrad.By order of actress Alexandra Yakovleva.17 x 14 x 7 cm. "Artist".Master A.F.Petrov.2003 V. 20 See Kukharka.2000 c. 10 See Master A.F.Petrov.
  • Andreev Sergey
    He has been working with a stone since 1999, in Eboli, Bagulnik, at present, Anna Novova.
  • Android Alexander Alexandrovich
    Master-stonezer, restorer, founder of the Creative Union of Stone-Service. It is displayed at work with Malachite, the owner of copyrights for the technology of restoration work in malachite and other craftsmen.
  • Anisimov Vladimir
  • Anna Nova
    The company was based on 2004. united many of the best stones and jewelers of St. Petersburg, who managed to create a collection of jewelry in a short time to decorate interiors.They perform works of stone -cutting plastic, frequency with a large amount of jewelry reinforcement. In the head of the company, Igor Vladimirovich rural (1966 - 2009), jeweler C1991, was stood in the organization of the jewelry enterprise. The work of the company: “Banshchik” (B. Krivosheev Stone,Jeweler: S. Lisitsyn), 2004;"Enjoy Your Bath!"(stone B. Krivosheev, jeweler: S. Leontyev), 2005;“Baba Yaga” (stone V. Ivanov, jeweler S. Lisitsyn), 2005;“Verbal” (stone V. Ivanov, jewelers S. Lisitsyn and S. Leontyev), 2005; “Pop” (sculptor S. Rubrodin; on the lost figure “Pla” of Faberge), 2008;"Girl", 2006;“Khokhol” (sculptor G. Ruzanova, authors of the model R. Melnikov and S. Rubrodin, Kekenerz: R. Shafeev, jeweler A. Belov), 2008.
  • Antonov Vladislav Vladimirovich
    , the artist, the oldest employee of the LPO (JSC, OJSC) "Russian gems".He graduated from LVHPU them.IN AND.Mukhina in 1964 began to develop an assortment of stone-cutting products back in the 1970s.The author of a number of boxes of ice quartz, agata, cacholonga, products with Florentine mosaics, sets of boxes from blue jasper, etc. Working on the early 2000s.
  • Baranov Alexey Georgievich
    Genus.05/26/1947 in Leningrad.He graduated from the Central Art School.Johanson.In 1971 he graduated from the Art College.V.A.Serova (now named after N.K. Roerich).Then he worked as an artist in the theater, in the art fund, in 1971-1077, studying at the LVHPU, the specialty sculptor. The member of the Union of Artists since 1990 has been cooperating with the company “Petrozoloto” in the creation of models, the author of the Merchant Family series andother works. Its of its silver model is performed by a company in stone.Cuts the stone itself (often cameras) very high quality.
  • Batting Sergey
    & nbsp; Kamnerez
  • Baydrakova Alexandra
  • Belousov Evgeny
  • Belov Oleg
    Amber collector.Master - amber, "Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop."
  • Belyaev Nikolay
  • Belyakov Grigory
    .An employee of the Amber Workshop in the early 90s, a former ceramist.
  • Biezins Natalia Nikolaevna
    Mineralalogy, Deputy Director for Foreign Relations of the Exhibition Association “The World of Stone”, the founder of the Creative Union of Kamnerzov, the activist of the stone art of St. Petersburg and Russia.
  • Bobrova (Babakhina) Tatyana Mikhailovna
    .In 1975, she performed a figure of stone “Grandma on the stump”, the thesis in art vocational school No. 11. Dream of present, works at the Russian Semodes OJSC with a master-channel. At the turn of the 80-90s.took part in the restoration of the stone network of the Church of the Resurrection of the Sunday Herstov in Leningrad
  • Borisov Paul.
    In 1975, the executivecam -real figure "Harmonist" of the Vocational TCTU No. 11, the thesis.A.E. Drizgalovich, head of the training of stonezes at the school, considered this figure one of the strongest works.
  • Brown Alexander Borisovich
    Born in 1956He graduated from art vocational school No. 11 in 1975, went to work in the Russian Estate Hands Eminings, where it still works.For many years he taught in a stone circle in the Palace of Pioneers.He took part in the restoration of the architectural monument of the Spas-on-Blood. The leading master of the enterprise, creates complex works in stone: flowers, figures of animals and people.In recent years, together with the authors of the models, he has contributed to the creation of a series of children's figures in stone -abrupt plastic.
  • Buracheva I.S.
    Robber OJSC
  • Chumachenko EA
    Camereus artist.
  • Davydova Tatyana Stepanovna
    Kamerez.Born in Riga.She attended drawing classes at the Latvian Academy of Arts, was engaged in ceramics.At the age of 19, she moved to Leningrad, in 1988 she graduated from the Pediatric Institute. In 1993, Y. Ksenofontova met a stone art.Work: “Morena”, 2004. (“K. Faberge and its successors”, 2009. - P.588).
  • Demsky Victor Viktorovich
    The founder of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov.The activist of the stone -cutting industry.Exhibition Association "World of Stone".
  • Dmitriev Dmitry
    Jeweler, has been working at Eboli since 2002
  • Dmitriev Vasily.
    Cherester, worked in 2002-2008.In the workshop "Stone Guest".
  • Dogillov Ivan
    He has been working with a stone since the 90s, he collaborated with the "School of Stone-Certain Art", now works independently.
  • Dubinin Valery
    Kamerez, creative studio "Falkin
  • Eloli
    & nbsp; LLC.The head of Tolkacheva Lyudmila Zakharovna, St. Petersburg.
  • Evstafiev Sergey
    Kamerez.A. Ananyev: “Service of middle level, left, somewhere in 1996 from the“ gems ”to another profession, in casting”,
  • Falkin Sergey Alexandrovich
    (Born in 1955). Founder of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov of Russia. Cavalier "Order of A.K.Denisov-Uralsky ”(2009), Orders of M. Pergin (2010). Helpers of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation and the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation.Member of many Russian and international (including personal) exhibitions.The founder of the Eboli enterprise and the Bagunik company.Currently, the head of the "Creative Studio" Sergey Falkin ".
  • Filimonova Lada
    (Born in 1967).Lada Vladimirovna.Rod B1967 in Leningrad.She graduated from secondary specialized school No. 190 at the LVHPU named afterIN AND.Mukhina.S.1984 worked in Niiyuvelprom, the Russian Air Mitens LPO. The Leningrad branch of the Moscow Technological Investigation Institute in1991, in 1989, moved to the mural laboratory of the Emali Laboratory.
  • Filimonov Leonid
    .The main employee of the machine-applied workshop "Eboli", performed all turning work on stone.Currently works in the "Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshops" (relative of B. Igdalov).
  • Fish Lyudmila
    (died), sculptor ("Russian gems").In the 1980s.Modeling the first stone -cutting figures, working in the Niyuvereprom.One of the best works: the figure of the “boar” from Agat.
  • Ge Anton Vladislavovich
  • Glunberg German
    Kamerez - an artist.
  • Golubev Andrey Anatolyevich
    , master chamber, member of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov.
  • Golubev Ivan.
    Kamerez.Member of the exhibitions.
  • Gorsky Dmitry Yuryevich
    .Master -Kamerez, OJSC “Russian Self -Coys”.
  • Gorynya Alexander Sergeevich
    (Born in 1951).Since 1983, in senior positions in the LPO (JSC; OJSC), he oversaw, among other things, stone -cutting production (ordered P. Potekhin a series of figures on the topic of Russian folklore). The coal of state awards, as well as the Order of K. Faberge (2000), the OrderM. Perkhina (2010), sign "Honorary Jeweler" (2011).Supplier of the Russian Imperial House (2012).In 1995-1999, the General Director of OJSC Russian Semlodes.Since 1999, the founder and head of the enterprise Greengor.The author of ideas and coordinatorials of a series of stone -cutting figures “Leaving types”, the company produces a gift assortment.
  • Green Evgeny
    Kamerez, worked in 2000-2003.In the workshop "Stone Guest".
  • Grigorovich Victor.
    Cherester, has been working since the 90s, collaborated with the "luggage", now he has been working on his own.
  • Growth by Alexander
    She graduated from vocational schools at JSC “Russian Semlodes” along with DM.Saveev in 1999. Since 2000 she worked in the "School of Stone -Revolutionary Art", "Eboli" and "Anna Nova".Since 2007 it has been working independently.
  • Gurevich Alexander.
    The company Eboli in 1996-2000, the main employee of the machine-applied workshop, carried out all the stone work.
  • Gurevich David Moiseevich
    (Born in 1939). Head of the experimental laboratory of the Silusnoye Niyuwarprom, candidate of technical sciences.At the turn of the 80-90s.In the Gurevich group, a stone was cut for the "Savior-on Blood" as I heard Bugrachev, Korenkov, Yurevich, Gorsky, Brownov.In 2000, he headed the Petrozoloto, which has a stone -cutting area, which executes the stone -real multi -figure compositions, according to the models of Alexei Baranov and other artists and sculptors. Fire participates in many exhibitions.
  • Hydrogen Anna,
    Kamerezil of the workshop of A.S.Levental
  • Ibragimov Felix Migrazhevich
    (Born in 1937), member of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov.Member of the Creative Union of Artists. The participant of the exhibitions "World of Stone" and "Jewelry Olympus" from their very foundation.Geologist, opener of Opalov deposits, candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences.The main value of his work in the magnificent source material is of the highest quality.Products in museums and in collections in Russia and abroad.
  • Igdalov Boris Pavlovich
    .Born in 1956, cavalier "Order of A.K.Denisov-Uralsky ”(2009).Restorer of the highest category.
  • Ignatieva Victoria
    .Artist.Created projects of products for the LPO (AO) "Russian gems"
  • Ilyukhina Marina
    , art critic, spouse of Kamnereza Viktor Ilyukhin, works with her husband, the author of the ideas of works and some operations of stone processing.
  • Ilyukhin Vladimir Andreevich
    , artist-stonez.Born in 1957
  • Inna Inna Nikolaevna
    The artist graduated in 1988. Leningrad Textile Institute, Faculty of Design and Design.Member of the Union of Artists since 2001. Deputy General Director for the Design Companion Petrozoloto.He has been engaged in small plasticity since 1991, assisting Alexei Baranov.
  • Ivanov Svyatoslav Ivanovich
    . Member of the creative Union of Kamnerezov of Russia.Cavalier of the Small sign of the Order of M. Perkhin (2011).
  • Ivanov Vyacheslav Robertovich
    , G. Kronstadt, member of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov. The participant of the exhibitions.Cherester, has been working since the beginning of the 90s. Having worked out the "School of Stone-Revolutionary Art", is currently cooperating with the Sphuss "Anna Nova".
  • Kabirov Igor
    Cherester in the workshop of A.S.Levental.
  • Kachalov Boris
    (he is previously a strand).Brother works with him
  • Kahiiani Nargar
    Master of decorative and applied art, stone.In 1989-1992, an employee of the workshop "Plastic in stone" (head A.S. Levental).
  • Kaminsky Sergey
    Amber, "Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop."
  • Kanis Alexey
    Cherester, has been working since 1999, at first in the Bagulnik, now independently.He studies at the Academy.A.L.Stieglitsa.Cuts the stone worthy.
  • Khanukaev Roman Semenovich
    .Cherester, one of the first to work in the experimental laboratory of VNIIYUVERPROM, in the manufacture of the first stone-cutting figures in the style of Faberge (1080-1990s)
  • Kirillov V.A.
    The company "Petrozoloto".Stone -ore plastic "Traveler on a halt."2nd place in the nomination “Jewelry and stone -cutting plastic in the contest“ Best Decoration of Russia ”of the exhibition - the June -City Fair, February 2011, St. Petersburg (Russian Jeweler magazine, No. 2, 2001, p. 22)
  • Klimina Daria Kirillovna

    artist, OJSC "Russian gems".In 1982 he graduated from the LVHPU named afterIN AND.Mukhina.She left in the early 2000s & nbsp; & nbsp; with an enterprise where she worked for more than 20 years (her mother is the main artist of the enterprise S. Berezovskaya). & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

    one of the leading artists of the association, first in the 90s.I mastered computer modeling. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Author of stone -terrible & nbsp; compositions & nbsp; "The abduction of Europe" and other stone -abrupt work.

  • Klochkov Nikolai
    (Born in 1935).Member of the Union of Artists.
  • Komarov Mikhail Anatolyevich
    .Born 1970Coresus-artist.
  • Kononov Vladimir
    , founder and general director of the School of Stone Art.The activist of stone art, the partner of A. Kornilov and S. Shimansky, the teacher of many St. Petersburg jewelers.He made a great contribution to the formation of the St. Petersburg Stone School.
  • Konovalenko Vasily Vasilievich
    (1929-1989), Leningrad, Moscow, USA.
  • Korchagin Sergey
    Kamerez.The sculptor, studied with Levental - currently work with Tsvetkov in Sestroretsk. Mostly - animalism.We started engaged in 20 years ago.
  • Korenkov Anatoly Ivanovich
    Born in 1947Camereus artist.More than 30 worked at the enterprise "Russian gems", since the beginning of the 2000s.Presenter MASTER STRENTERSHETE OF PETROZOLOTO.Leading Master of St. Petersburg.
  • Kornilov Alexander Valentinovich
    (1965 - 2009).Outstanding artist-stonez.Born in 1965 in Lviv.Father-professor of Lviv University, candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences, discovered in the Urals the Rauchtopaza deposit.Work: Girl.Smoky quartz.1991. NAYADA.Violet sapphirin.Until 1995, Nova Vita.Figure of a pregnant girl.Rauchtopaz with the inclusion of pyrite crystals.Until 1995, the woman plays the violin.PHOTOGRAPHER.The first polychrome figure, with precious stones.More than 130 elements.1995 Hera (Earth).The casket is the top-top.Until 2000, lying under the veil.Morion. Tsiganka Dancer.Figure made of metal, dress - nephritis.Bought as a gift from Prima-Balerin Nina Ananiashvili as a spranceusian perfume company.
  • Korogodov Andrey
    The artist of JSC “Russian gems” and VNIIYULIRPROM.He graduated from the LVHPU them.Mukhina.Created projects of stone -cutting products, includingModel "Dog on the chair."It works independently, sometimes performs jewelry reinforcement of stone products.
  • Koroleva Irina
    The sculptor, studied with Levental - currently work with Tsvetkov in Sestroretsk. Mostly - animalism.We started engaged in 20 years ago.
  • Kozlov Vasily Mikhailovich
    Kamerez. He worked in the Russian LPO “Russian Russian”, was engaged in the Florentine mosaic in the Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop. In 2001. The first mosaic “Allegory ....”.
  • Kozlov Vasily Mikhailovich
    Amber, "Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop."
  • Krivosheev Boris
    Cherester, has been working since the 90s, first in the "School of Stone-Certain for Art", then at Eboli, currently in Anna Nova.
  • Kruchkov Peter
    Kamerez.From the old generation of craftsmen.
  • Krylov Alexander
    Antarshchik "Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop."He left, created his own workshop.
  • Kryukov Andrey Valerievich
    Master Camerus, member of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov.He worked in the Bagulnik, now independently and with K.V.Vyalkov.
  • Ksenofontov Yaroslav Yuryevich
    Born in 1969Cavalier "Order of A.K.Denisov-Uralsky. "He graduated from the Leningrad Art College.V.A.Serova.
  • Kurshev Sergey Vasilievich
    Born in 1952“Russian gems”, “School of stone art”, “Anna Nova”.Born in 1952. From 1984 to 1993 he worked in the LPO (JSC) “Russian gems” by jeweler-model of the highest category.After 1993 - the company "Wifey".Since 1997, at the School of Stone -Certain Art.During his work, he created several thousand etalone models.In “School ...” performs the most complex jewelry elements, including for figures.For a “boy with a goose” (Shimansky), he performed a drum, a goose's paws, a switch for a goose box, a soldier belt, etc.For the “violinist” (the work of Shimansky 2006), he performed an edge of oxidized silver, beak (from obsidian).
  • Kuzmenko Anatoly
    Cherester, has been working since the 90s.Initially, the “School of Stone -Terround Art”, then “Anna Nova”.
  • Leontiev Sergey
    The jeweler, worked in the "School of Stone Art," then in Anna Novova, is currently cooperating with the workshop.Levental.
  • Leontyev Vyacheslav
    .Cherester, has been working at Eboli since 2010
  • Leuts
  • Levental Alexander Solomonovich
    .1959 B. Ceadortor of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov of Russia. Cavalier "Order of A.K.Denisov-Uralsky ”(2010). Masterkaya A.S.Leventhal is engaged in the education of young stones.A wide profile of stoneware and restoration.
  • Libman Kostanin
    , Kamnerez.
  • Lieberman Boris Semenovich
    .In 1990-1992-co-founder of the “1st St. Petersburg jewelry partnership”, together with Andrei Pavlov. First, mosaic sculptures were produced in 90-92.
  • Lifant Catherine
    Kamerez, workshop "Stone Guest"
  • Lisitsyn Sergey
    .The jeweler, worked in the "School of Stone Art," then Anna Nova.Miniature "Spring" (prize "The theme of Japan in jewelry").
  • Loseva Maria
    Sculptor.She graduated from St. Petersburg Art and Industry.The author of the model of the models of mosaic sculptures “Sister of Mercy” (2010; Cheresteris E. Sedykh) and children's figures performed by the stoneings of the Russian Gems JSC.
  • Losev Vadim
    He worked from 1998 to 2002 at Eboly, a good master.After 2002, he left the stone -cutting industry.
  • Lukashin Andrey
    Kamerez.Since 2006, first in Bagulnik, currently in Eboly.
  • Lukyanov Alexander
    Kamerez.Student and employee A.S.Levental.In 1989, the co -founder of the Enterprise "Plastic in Stone", existed until 1992.
  • Lyalkov Konstantin Vladimirovich
    , Born in 1971.He studied at a children's art school, at the Leningrad Restoration Lyceum received a specialty "Restorer of works from wood."He graduated from the North-Western Correspondence Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Technology and Artistic Processing of Materials with a diploma of “engineer-artist”.In 1999-2006 he worked in the Bagunik workshop, he currently works independently. Work: Sokolnichy.Model.K. Vyalkov.B.25 See gypsum."BOATSWAIN".K. Vyalkov.B.17 cm.
  • Lychagina Maria
    Graduate of St. Petersburgh Public.Stieglitsa (Mukhina), approximately my same age - G.R.1974-75.She worked with the “Stone Guest” from 2004 to 2008. At first she made a detail on my models, later a couple of things were made with her in collaboration (“Angel”, “Napoleon”).In addition, she is also the author of several animalist models (a series of three figures "Wolves", "English Bulldog", "Elephant" - I do not remember the exact number, 7-8 models, probably).Cooperation ceased for a simple reason - they themselves began to sculpt better and faster.But at a certain stage, she significantly helped us ... Maria Lychagina is now actively working with Eboli and the Maslyakova group ... (Anton Ananiev. Letter from 9.07.2010).
  • Marsitov Ivan Pavlovich
    (1931 - 2012).General Director of the LPO (AO) “Russian Self -Coys” in 1982 - 1995.Jewelry and stone art worker.Under him, the production of stone -cutting figures in the style of Faberge was deployed.In 1995 he was awarded the Order of Faberge ”(sign No. 1).Cavalier of the Order of M. Pergin and the sign “Honorary Jeweler”, No. 1 (2011).
  • Maslyakov Mikhail Yuryevich
    , artist-stonez, the head of the creative group, a member of the creative Union of Kamnerezov.
  • Melnikov Robert
    The chief master of Anna Nova since 2004).He graduated from LVHPU them.IN AND.Mukhina.He worked in different firms of Leningrad-Petersburg, includingFor A. Ananov. Kavalier of the Order of M. Percina (2010).
  • Mezentsev Vladimir
    Working with stone, restorer, now in the Isaacievsky cathedral.Amber, "Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop."
  • Mihnevich Vladimir
    Amber, "Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop."
  • Mikhailova Julia
  • Mikhailov Yuri
    Kamerez.The workshop of A. Levental and Olga Poptsova (St. Petersburg) Stone -ore - Riton "Bull".Kamerez
  • Mikoshoshin Sergey
    The exhibition association. It was made up in 1992 - since 1996, the “World of Stone” has been holding annual exhibitions “Petersburg Jeweler” with a competition of author's jewelry and stone -real art “Jewelry Olympus”.
  • Minor Alexei Leonidovich
    (Born in 1950).Member of the Union of Artists.Jeweler, restorer.In 1950, he created his own company, where the first time was a stone -cutting workshop.A.S.Levental Isa.E.Stankevich, performing a stone -term part of joint projects.
  • Morozov Evgeny Anatolyevich
    , Born in 1960The artist-camerus, the restorer, founder of the creative Union of Kamnerezov Russia. Cavalier of the Order of Denisov-Uralsky (Sign No. 24, May 2011). Transfer to the State Hermitage (collection of M. Artsinovich, Dec. 2011). "Mushroom", cane, author Evgeny Morozov.Estimated cost 35,000 USD
  • Muravyov Oleg
    At the turn of the 80-90s.He worked in the group of Peter Kruchkov, cut it on stone for several years, and in the mid-90s he retrained to the jeweler.
  • Nikitin Andrey Vasilievich
    Cherester, a member of the creative Union of Camnesons.
  • Nikitin Vladimir
    .Cherester, has been working since 2007, first in Eboli, then independently with A. Kryukov.
  • Nikolskaya Marina Yuryevna
    & nbsp; (born 1955), sculptor (“Russian gems”).She graduated from the Leningrad Art College.Serova, then lvhpuim.IN AND.Mukhina, the department of monumental sculpture.She worked as a ceramic artist.Since 1990, a member of the Union of Artists. S for 1885-1888 in the LPO "Russian gems", developed models of stone-abrupt plastic. In 1995-1998.Once again in Niyuvevelprom, performed models for galvanoplasty.In parallel with creative activity, she has always been engaged in children, a teacher of the highest category.The works are in private collections of Russia, Germany and Finland. At present, he works at the imperial porcelain of the plant.The author of the mosaic sculptures "Babies" and "Baby".Author of modelmous sculptures: “Crazy Hatter”, 2008 (Khrenerez A. Gorsky); Alice, 2009 (Streze S. Sedykh; based on the books “Alice in the Wonderland” and “Alice in Zadslavsovye”), Shakhtar, 2008(Cherestraz A. Gorsky).
  • Orlovanina Georgievna
    , founder of the creative Union of Kamnerezov.Director of the Exhibition Association "World of Stone".
  • Ožegov Vladimir
    Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop (early 90s).(He worked in the "Bagulnik". Cherester.
  • Pakhomov Alexander
    Cheresteris LPO (Land of AO, OJSC) "Russian gems".He performed responsible work
  • Pasukhin Sergey
  • Pavlov Andrey Leonidovich
  • Pavlov Igor Leonidovich
    Born in 1955Jeweler.The reinforcement of stone products, worked by the older brother "Artistic workshops of Andrei Pavlov."
  • Pendulum Nikolai
    .Genus.06/18/1939 in Leningrad.He graduated from Leningrad State University, Physical Faculty.In 2000, together with S. Busygin and A. Kuznetsov, he organized the creative workshop “Lal”.Member of the St. Petersburg Club "Mineral".In 20001. At the exhibition "Jewelry Olympus" presented a series of stone -abrasive floral compositions "forget -me -nots", "Iris", "Narcissus" in glasses with the use of rock crystal, jade, smoky quartz, halzedon, demantoid, turquoise.
  • Perminov Alexander
  • Peter gold
    The company was organized in 2000 by the head of D.M.Gurevich.One of the directions of the company is silver plastic, almost always with the use of pedestals from solid stones and marble, but every year there are more mosaic sculptures and different crafts.These figures and multi -figure compositions have become the hallmark of the enterprise and are widely used as gifts for significant people.
  • Petrov Alexander
    Kamerez.He worked in 2004-2005.In the workshop "Stone Guest".
  • Petrova LV
    Cherester, an employee of the LPO (then AO, OJSC) “Russian gems.
  • Petrov Arkady
    Fedorovich.(company "Ananov").Camereus artist.
  • Petrov Ilya Nikolaevich
    Firm in Japan, amber.Amber, "Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop."
  • Petrov Nikolai
    Amber amber, "Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop."
  • Pilshchikov Vladimir
    Born in 1952, has been working with a stone since 1994.
  • Plygina Irina
    Born 1976Genus.In Magnitogorsk.Since the beginning of the 2000s.She worked together with Yaroslav Ksenofontov, a participant in many exhibitions, the author of many joint and independent work in the style of "Delicism".She left for Germany in 2010, continues to work there.
  • Polilin Gennady Evgenievich
     (1964 г.р.).
  • Poptsova Olga Nikolaevna
    Camereus artist, founder of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov of Russia.
  • Poptsova Olga Nikolaevna
    & nbsp; (born in 1965) artist-channel.
  • Potekhin Pavel Borisovich
  • Pustina Svetlana
    Kamerez.The ending is 11. She worked on “Russian gems”, then at the Lyceum of the Jewelry.
  • Putrin Vladimir Gennadievich
    The artist - Kelet, the founder of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov Russia.In 1973, in Leningrad, with a stone he began to work in 1996, at first in Eboly, then for several years in the “Stone Gost”, in 2003 he returned to Eboly, where he works to this day. A.Ananyev (letter 06/06/2010): “Talented artist and professional master.Putrin is undoubtedly a “composer” according to the classification of F. Birbaum, that is, composes stone -cutting compositions. ”One of the leading young artists-stoneware of St. Petersburg.It works for Eboli, Petrozoloto and independently.Member of the exhibitions, holder of the highest awards of competitions.
  • Rakhmantova Nina Konstantinovna
    Founder of the Exhibition Association "The World of Stone", an expert gemologist, director of exhibitions of author's jewelry and stone-real art
  • Raskin Timofei Kirillovich
    Kamerez - an artist, a jeweler (born in 1968), graduated from St. Petersburg University.He worked since the late 90s.With Y. Ksenofontov.Now works independently, sometimes performing jewelry reinforcement for stoneware.
  • Rogozina Olga Vladimirovna
    Member of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov, member of the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation.The figure and propagandist of the stone-abrupt art of St. Petersburg and Russia, the author of many publications with biographies of artists and masters and analysis of their works.Actively collaborates with the exhibition association "World of Stone".
  • Rural Igor Vladimirovich
  • Rushkin Roman
    Sculptor, figure of the girl "Mom's shoes."- "Russian gems", 2009.
  • Sanashvili Joseph
    Genus.11/14/1954 in Tbilisi, Georgia.He graduated from the Art College.M. Toidze, and in 1979 - the studio of the Academy of Arts in Georgia.Since 1980, he has been engaged in jewelry Delhi.Member of numerous exhibitions and competitions.Since 1994, a regular participant in exhibitions of the Exhibition Association "The World of Stone", often works with craftsmen in jewelry reinforcement.
  • Savinkov Alexey

  • Sedykh Elizaveta Viktorovna
    She graduated from the Art and Industry Academy.A.L.Shtiglza.The daughter of the artist-Kamnereza Svetlana Sedykh, from childhood helped parents in working on a stone.
  • Sedykh Svetlana Anatolyevna
    (Born in 1960).She graduated from art vocational school No. 11, teacher A.E.Drizgalovich worked on the Russian Semlodes LPO, the last 20 years on her own, her husband is a jeweler. It is specialized in stone -abroad work, the theme of Russian folklore.He performs stoneware for the company "BNNS" (leader Nikolai Bashmakov, New York), including remakes of Faberge figures: "Again the groom."Obsidian, jasper, agate, halzedon, rhodonite, kaholong, grenade, metal. "Mage".Kamerez Ekaterina V. Sedykh.Lapis lazuli, jasper, agate, charoite, cacholong, quartzite, gold, silver.(Corporate salon "Faberge House" Yakhont Catalog, St. Petersburg, 2007. - P.75).
  • Sedykh Victor.
    Jeweler and Cherester.He worked in the 80s.On the LPO “Russian gems”, then switched to independent work, more connected with a jewelry.Own company.
  • Senyuta Andrey
    Jeweler, worked in 2001-2007.In the workshop "Stone Guest".
  • Sergeev Stanislav
    Kamerez, worked in 2003-2006.In the workshop "Stone Guest".
  • Sergey Mote Sergey Nikolaevich
    , 1957 -2011.He graduated from KhPTU No. 11. Carper on stone. "Russian gems.""Workshops of A. Pavlov."In 1975 he performed the “human” mosaic sculpture of artistic vocational school No. 11, the thesis.One of the best stone cutters in the city, worked for many years in the "Artistic workshops of Andrei Pavlov."
  • Shafeev Radik
    Cherester and drawing amber, “Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop”, then in the “Bagulnik”, currently under agreements with Anna Novova.
  • Shapovalov Sergey
    .Cherester, has been working at Eboli since 2006.
  • Shilov Sergey
    jeweler.Workshop "Stone Guest", reinforcement of stone products.
  • Shimansky Sergey Petrovich
    (Born in 1964).Camereus artist
  • Shipov Sergey
    Kamerez.Born on April 1, 1960 in Leningrad.
  • Shishkina I.V.V.
    OJSC “Russian Self -Coys”, the composition “Ripe catch”.2nd place in the nomination "Jewelry and stone-cutting plastic" in the contest "Best Jewelry of Russia", exhibition-fair "Dzhunvekos", February 2011, St. Petersburg.(Magazine "Russian Jeweler", No. 2, 2001, p. 22).
  • Shumov Victor
    Cherester, the group of Y. Ksenofontov."Talented, developing
  • Sidaliev Sabr
    He has been working with a stone since the 90s.He did several works together with S. Shimansky and A. Kornilov.Member of the exhibitions.
  • Sizov Dmitry.
    Strezhez, since 2003 he worked at the beginning in the Bagulnik, then at Eboli.
  • Skosogorenko Andrey
    .Cheresteris, has been working since 2000, first in the Bagulnik, then in Eboli, currently with Mikhail Maslyakov.
  • Skurlov Valentin Vasilievich
    ,genus.1947 in Leningrad.Expert of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, a figure and propagandist art, the founder of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov, the cavalier of the Order A.K.Denisov-Uralsky (2009). Editor-compiler and author of the monograph "K.Faberge and his successors.The stone-cutting figures “Russian Types” (2009). In 1989, he performed the research work “The continuity of the traditions of Faberge in the creative activities of the Russian Estate Heads, during which they were found in the Acad archive.A.E. Fersman notes of the chief master of Faberge F.P.Birbauma (1919) on the history of Faberge. Buclet, dedicated to the work of A. Kornilov and S. Shimansky (1995), the section on the history of the trust (LPO) “Russian gems” (monograph “Faberge and St. Petersburg jewelers”, 1997),Articles: “A.K.Denisov -Uralsky is the founder of the Russian Semlodes Society (ibid.), Boris Oscarovichfrenman - Klyuzel (ibid.).Since 2005, he has been studying the theme of the world -sized sculptures - “human figures”.
  • Smyslov Sergey Anatolyevich
    Rod. 03/23/1958 in Leningrad.He graduated from Leningrad State University.Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences.Since 1991, he began to engage in jewelry and camelled business.Member of many exhibitions and competitions.Camereus artist.The founder of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov. He will work in the exhibition association "The World of Stone".Work together with Nikolai Belyaev and Rinat Zaripov.
  • Sokolov Alexey Viktorovich
    .Genus.1971 in Leningrad.In 1986, he graduated from artistic vocational school No. 1, jeweler. The leader of the jewelry company Merkus.Collaborates with the Stone Guest workshop (Mosaic sculpture "Aviator
  • Soloviev Boris.
    From old masters.He worked for many years Kamnerez at the association "Russian gems".
  • Solovyov Alexander
    Amber, also engaged in articulated stones."Tsarskoye Selojantar Workshop."
  • Stankevich Sergey Evgenyevich
    (Born in 1959), the great-grandson of the sculptor Evgeny Alexandrovich Lancer.Graduate University, worked for 9 years at the Botanical Institute of the Anniversary.Specializes in animalism.The author of many works who won prizes at exhibitions and competitions. Kavalier "Order of A.K.Denisov-Uralsky ”(2010).
  • Sychev Andrey Vladimirovich
    .Born in 1957Member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation.He worked as part of the Bagunik company.Work: "Terkin."S. Sychev.2005. B.19 cm ..
  • Terentyev Mikhail
    .Kamerez.Creative studio "Falkin".
  • The world of stone
    The exhibition association. It was made up in 1992 - since 1996, the “World of Stone” has been holding annual exhibitions “Petersburg Jeweler” with a competition of author's jewelry and stone -real art “Jewelry Olympus”.
  • Tiginyak Yuri
  • Tkachev Vladimir
    .Saint Petersburg.Stonecutter.
  • Tokarev Denis
    .Cherester, worked earlier in Bagulnik from 2002 to 2006.
  • Tomilina Inga
    Cherester, the creative studio "Falkin".
  • Tribodina Sofia Vladimirovna
    Sculptor-artist. Fire "Anna Nova".
  • Trunov Igor
    Cherester, worked in 2002-2002 in the Stone Guest workshop.
  • Tsvetkov Vyacheslav
    Kamereza, studied at the Bacacannik with Falkin, are currently working in Sestroretsk. Mostly - animalism.He started engaged in 20 years ago.
  • Ulyanova Olga
    The workshop "Falkin". The exhibition "The World of Stone", June 2011: Figure "Mack" (Russian dance).
  • Uvarov Alexander
    Woster.He finished the foxes. He worked for OJSC “Russian Gems”, 2007, cut into the wax of horses and a very knowledgeable technologist, an architect by education.
  • Valery is a leader
    (1944-1089).Candidate of Technical Sciences.The head of the experimental laboratory of the All-Union Niiyuverprom in 1984-1989, where Faberge's first-line figures were performed.
  • Vankov Sergey
    Amber Neva company.A series of works "Owes", 1st place in the nomination "Jewelry and stone -cutting plastic".Competition "Best Decoration of Russia", exhibition-fair "Dzhunvekos", February 2011, St. Petersburg.(Russian Jeweler magazine ”, No. 2, 2001, p. 22). Yantarter,“ Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop ”.
  • Vasiliev Roman
    He has been working since 1999. Great master contrast.He worked at Eboli, Bagulnik, will currently work with Boris Kachalov.
  • Vasiliev Vladimir Guryevich
    The leader of the stone -real art.Collector of stone -cutting figures (mosaic sculptures), art expert.
  • Veselovsky Alexander Nikolaevich
    (Born in 1974). Camerez artist, founder of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov of Russia. Cavalier "Order of A.K.Denisov-Uralsky ”(2009). Master's“ Stone Guest ”.Editor and author of the articles Sisif (2007-2010).Participant and international exhibitions. Work: 2005: “Haron” (3rd place at the exhibition “Jewelry Olympus” -2005 ”(from the series“ Faces of Fear ”). 2006:“ Troglot ”. 2007:“ Fate ”. 2009; Bolid;(racing car with a racer and hours).
  • Veselovsky Nikolai Nikolaevich
    , member of the Creative Union of Camnesons.Kamerez. "Jewelry Olympus-2010": Stone -ore plastic "Not Netsk"
  • Vinogradov Kirill Nikolaevich
    The artist, master chamber, a member of the creative Union of Kamnelzi of Russia, a participant in many Russian exhibitions, specializes in the Japanese theme, the author of the original artistic handwriting. Work: “Geisha”.K. Vinogradov.B.17.2 cm, a pedestal 3.5 cm. "Putan".K. Vinogradov.B.24.5 cm, a pedestal of 5 cm. “Japanese-Starik”, “Japanese” (both 2006), “Mowing” (2010), “Pierrot”.
  • VOBEGIN Sergey
    Kamerez, worked in 2003-2007 in the Stone Guest workshop.
  • Volgin George
  • Volkov Victor
    Born in 1952Kamerez. From the letter of S. Falkin, 2011: “He worked since the founding of the City Council of Antar Mastacle, knew how to almost everything, could fulfill a portrait of Catherine
  • Wagonic ecaterine
    Jeweler.Since the 90s.specializes in the manufacture of stone floristry.She worked in the "School of Stone -Foreign Art" and in Eboli.
  • Yakovleva Julia
    Cherester, worked at the beginning at the Bagulnik, currently with A. Kryukov.
  • Yakovlev Vladimir Nikolaevich
    (1944-1989), stonez. ("Russian gems").One of the best stonezes of the Russian Self-Estate Association, collaborated at the turn of the 70-80s.As part of the “Group M. Monastyrsky” performed by figures and products in the style of Faberge.
  • Yurevich Valery
    Cherester, worked at JSC Russian Self -Coys.In 2006, he switched to a private enterprise.
  • Zaitsev Sergey
    .Kamerez, since 2000 he worked at Eboli, Anna Nova.He died in 2008.
  • Zakharchuk Sergey Petrovich
    - Kamerez, worked at Eboli in 1998-2001, one of the masters of the machine shop.
  • Zaripov Rinat

    born & nbsp; 02/19/1965 in the city of Lermontov, Stavropol Territory.Jeweler and Cherester.Member of numerous exhibitions.Work jointly & nbsp; with & nbsp; p.Smyslov and N. Belyaev, creative group at & nbsp; exhibition & nbsp; association "World of Stone". & Nbsp; & nbsp;

  • Zhirkov Victor
    Amber, "Tsarskoye Selo Amber Workshop."
  • Zhuravlev Alexander Alexandrovich
    (died 2010),
  • Zolotov Yuri
    , jeweler.AO (previously LPO) "Russian gems".He worked for M. Monastyrsky at the turn of 1970 - 1980.He worked as a restorer of the Westographic Institute.Joint with N. Klochkov, A. Ivanov and V. Yakovlev “Shimpanze” from Halzedon, Jade, with fake stamps of Faberjedemteje Stranded on the exhibition of the Hermitage in 1993 (the directory “Firewall: Priddle Jeweler”, St. Petersburg, p. 392.).The figure “Cavalier with a circle” (also with the stamps of Faberge company) performed by Kamnerez A. Korenkov, where Yu. Gold performed his face and hands was shown there;Jewelry work N. Klochkov.(Ibid, catalog, p. 393).
  • Zykov Victor
    Cherester, worked in the "School of Stone Art," now in Anna Nova.

School of the Ural - Siberian region

  • Antonov Alexey Nikolaevich
    , workshop "Antonov".Member of the Union of Artists.
  • Babintsev Vyacheslav Andreevich
    Born in 1981Yekaterinburg stone -cutting workshop.
  • Babushkin D.
    (Moiseikin company), jeweler, reinforcement of stone -abrupt compositions.
  • Bakut Natalia Alekseevna

    Founder and head of the "Creative Studio of Natalia Bakut", Irkutsk.Cavalier "Orders of A.K.Denisova - Uralsky ”(2009) and“ Mikhail Percina ”(2010).Member of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov.Exhibition in the Konstantinovsky Palace of Presidential Affairs (March 2011, booklet).

    from the booklet: The characteristic features of the creative path of Natalia Bakut are the beauty and simplicity of nature and man.The main driving force in the creation of works is the freedom of choice, creation and perception. Remembering, appreciating and storing the historical past of jewelry and stone -real art, Natalya Bakut creates works that are distinguished by the elegance and impeccable taste - & nbsp; each work of the artist is original and can become the decoration of any collection.

    miniatures created by the artist, amaze, amazeBy their naturalism, they are designed to show the natural beauty of the stone, using a combination of several materials.

    The value of the works of Natalia Bakut is that, following the traditions of stone -abrupt and jewelry, it is repelled by the specific characteristics of the stone and demonstrates a high level of skill. & nbsp; & nbsp; (Yangchenko S.A. Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation. Head of the exhibition department of the FSU "State Complex" Palace of Congresses "). “Jewelry Olympus -& nbsp; & nbsp; 2006”: & nbsp; stone -terrible & nbsp; plastic “bacchanka” (mountain crystal, citrine, hydrogro -carssular).Co -author: Valery Kryukov.Jeweler: Dmitry of Belotrotny. “Jewelry Olympus-2007”: miniature “Dream” (3rd place “Stone Art of Classic and Modernity”). “Jewelry Olympus - 2008: the composition“ Reflection ”(prize of spectator sympathy). “Jewelry Olympus-2009”: The composition “Reflection” (3rd place “Virtuosos of stone art“ Classics ”. Stone -ore plastic”. & Nbsp; & nbsp; “Jewelry olip-2010”: Stone-operating composition “Wanderer” (special prize “Spectoral sympathies”). & nbsp; & nbsp;

Bashkir Stone School

  • Bogomazov Denis Alekseevich
    (Yekaterinburg). 1978Member of the Union of Artists.Kamerez. Kavalier "Order of A.K.Denisov-Uralsky ”(sign No. 23, May 30, 2011).
  • Borovikov Ilya Dmitrievich
    & nbsp; (1977-2006) Founder and head of the "Creative Studio of Natalia Bakut", Irkutsk.Cavalier "Orders of A.K.Denisova - Uralsky ”(2009) and“ Mikhail Percina ”(2010).Member of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov.Exhibition in the Konstantinovsky Palace of Presidential Affairs (March 2011, booklet).From the booklet:
  • Danilovtsev Pavel Borisovich
    He graduated from the Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute.Jeweler-Kamerez."Creative Studio of Natalia Bakut", Irkutsk. Member of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov.He has awards at the Jewelry Olympus contests in St. Petersburg.
  • Degtev A.
    ("Moiseikin"), artist.Projects of stone and jewelry.
  • Emashev I.
    Kamerez.(Workshop "Antonov").“Photographer” (in the book of V.B. Seyranyan), “Broken Nibynoy is lucky”.
  • Emelyanenko Alexander Nikolaevich
    Yekaterinburg), born in 1966- “Boyarin”, in the Museum “Self-Coarse” in Moscow (brother of Dmitry Emelianenko).
  • Emelyanenko Dmitry Nikolaevich
    Camereus artist.
  • Eremin Evgeny
    (Ekaterinburg).Jeweler, made work by A. Zhukov.
  • Ermakov Dmitry
    Kamerez, Yekaterinburg
  • Glukhov Oleg
  • Hnatyuk Vitaliy V.
    (Kungur, Perm region).
  • Vagizov F.
    (Yekaterinburg), Cherester.
  • Vagizov R.
    (Yekaterinburg), Cherester.
  • Vasiliev Ivan Ivanovich
    Kamerez.Genus.In the city of Asha, the Chelyabinsk region in 1960, he snapped the Miasse exploration technical school, geologist; 1992 graduated from Perm State University. He expected in many picturesque places
  • Vasiliev Victor Mikhailovich
    G. Nizhny Tagil.Former geologist.He has been working with a stone for more than 15 years, in 2007 he released a catalog.He participated in the World Exhibition in Nagoy, "Jewelry Olympus" in St. Petersburg.
  • Vaskov Evgeny
    & nbsp; ("Antonov").Figure "Who is to blame?"(Faberge and St. Petersburg jewelers).
  • Vesnin Sergey Vladimirovich
    Camereus artist.
  • Vetrov p
    . ("Antonov"), jeweler.He arranged works by A. Zhukov.
  • Volkov A.,
  • Zefirov Alexey Vladimirovich (Ekm)
  • Zenaliev Anatoly
    Kamerez, Yekaterinburg.
  • Zhukov Anatoly Ivanovich
  • Zuevich Marina
    Kamerez, Yekaterinburg

Irkutsk Stone School

  • Dead Dmitry
    , artist-stonez (Novosibirsk).The former geologist, which led to the theme of his work - a large series of jade bronotosaurs.However, the master also has a series of such popular stone -cutting “soldiers” in the retro ammunition. As an autobiography: “Born in 1964 in the family of a scientist and a doctor.Grandfather and grandfather -geologists, in childhood, on the holidays, I often had to go to geological expeditions with my grandfather, therefore, acquaintance with geological terminology, minerals, and rocks took place from the early years.Grandfather, Pavel Efimovich, like many of his friends, was fond of processing stones, I have now preserved his work from stones - self -flowers.In childhood, I sculpted a lot of plasticine.The issue of choosing a profession was not for me, and I entered the geological and geophysical faculty state university.There, in a grinding workshop, I added to work with colored stones.This hobby was preserved after the distribution of geology and geophysics at the Institute of Geology and the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok.Each free minute I with enthusiasm cut and polished the articles, sometimes even in the evenings and night.With gratitude, I recall people who instill in me the basics of processing stone and jewelry.Soon I began to make jewelry from Melchior with inserts of adversarial stones.Gradually, there was a circle of people with similar interests and of course their leaders.At that time there was no information, there was practically no literature on jewelry and
  • Karmanov Vladimir Pavlovich
    Camereus artist, Perm
  • Kazakevich Evgeny Alexandrovich
    It was founded in 2000 by a group of masters under the leadership of Evgeny Kazakevich.By 2008, more than a hundred figures were performed.
  • Kistovich Irina
    (G. Pyatigorsk) art critic, author of the ideas of stone -cutting figures.Collaborates with Alexei Antonov.
  • Kopyurins.g.
    Kamerez, Yekaterinburg.
  • Korobeinikov V.
    (Workshop named after I. Borovikov).
  • Korsakova Olga
    (Irkutsk).Kamerez.Creative studio of Natalia Bakut. "
  • Koshelev Oleg
    Kamerez (workshop "Antonov")
  • Kozhukhov K.
    (Workshop "Antonov"), "Boy on the scooter" (together with Sergeyev)
  • Krivoshchekov Yuri Stepanovich
    (G. Kungur, Perm region.) 1967R., Prikeschik by campus (Son of Stepana Krivoshokova).
  • Krivotymetymetykov Stepan Stepanovich
    (G. Kungur, Perm region).Born in 1942, the Kungur stone -term school, since 1965, a teacher of this school in sculpture and composition.Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.He shows how in stone and through his beloved character - an owl, to infinity, with unusual tenderness to talk about a woman.
  • Kryukov Valery Ivanovich
    He graduated from the Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute, candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences.Cherester, a collector. He will work with the "Creative Studio Natalia Bakut" (N. Bakut Egusupruga).Founder and head of the Union of Kamnerezes of Eastern Siberia and Transbaikalia. Irkutsk.Member of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov.Cavalier of the Order of Mikhail Perkhin (2010).
  • Kuznetsov Alexey
    .Nizhny Tagil of the Sverdlovsk region.Member of the Union of Artists.In 2000 with S. Busygin (N. Tagil) and N. Makhalov (St. Petersburg), he became part of the Lal creative workshop.At the Jewelry Olympus-2001, he introduced the “Turtle” (work of 1996, Semipalatinsk Agat) and the composition “Fire rain” (1998, quartz-foloset, galliff).
  • Levirerov Alexander Mikhailovich
    (Ekaterinburg).The artist is a stone
  • Matryonin Sergey
    (Ekaterinburg).The artist is a stone
  • Moiseikin Victor Vladimirovich
    Born in 1973, a master of the Moiseikin enterprise, Yekaterinburg.Up to 70 people worked in the company.Stone -ore production: 10-15 people are distinguished by rich jewelry design.Representative office in Moscow.He produces catalogs of his own works, sells in Ukraine, where the mother comes from.
  • Nechaev Sergey Olegovich
    He was born in 1959 in the city of Kuvshinovo, Tver region, in 1978 he graduated from the Abramtsevo art and industrial school.Since 1980, he has been living in Red Yasil, he worked for 20 years at the Ural Cheresteria Combine Artist-Kamnerez.The works of Sergey Nechaev wake up naturalists in us.His images are situational and expressive.Sergey representative of the Moscow Art school, but fate closely connected him with the Urals.Krasnaya Yasil, worked for 20 years at the Ural Cherenz artist at the Ural Cherenza plant.
  • Novikov Ivan
    Jewelry Olympia - 2006 ": Miniature" Austro-Hungarian & Nbsp; 1914 "(Yashma Kalkanskaya, Sibayskaya, Sibayskaya, Sibayskaya, Olskaya, Doler, Silver)
  • Novikov Ivan Mikhailovich
    1983 G.R.Kamnerez.(ECM).
  • Osipov Maxim
    .Yekaterinburg stone-cutting workshop. Jewelry Olympus. 2006-2008.Ed.Exhibition union of the world of stone.SPb., 2008. - S. 81: Volumetric mosaic "mastiva".2006. Jashma Aushkuldinskaya, Tiger Eye, Mount Crystal.B.18 See "Jewelry Olympus-2006":
  • Ovchinnikova Faina Pavlovna
    - Artist of the State Unitary Enterprise "Ural Kamerez".She came here to work in 1958 after graduating from the Kungur art stone -abroad school. The New Autumn will turn 45 years since her creative activity at this enterprise.
  • Ovchinnikov Anatoly Moiseevich
    Born in 1939 in Red Yasil, graduated from the Kungurskoykamyammneznaya School in 1956, from that time he worked at the Ural Kamerenz plant.Since 1971, the main artist. The light and laconic works of the artist adorn the expositions of many museums and private collections of the world.Creative activity is connected with the Ural Cheresteria plant, where he is more than30 fleeting artist.For a contribution to Russian culture and the case of preserving the folk traditions of a deserved artist of Russia.“Jewelry Olip-2009”: Stone -ore Sculptures “Ryzhik and Bimka” (stone-terrible plastic in soft stone).
  • Ovchinnikov Anatoly Vasilievich
    Born in 1948, after graduation in 1971, the Kungur stone school worked as an artist at the Kungur art plant.From 1978 to this day is a teacher of this school in sculpture and composition.He was awarded the title of Honored Teacher of Russia.Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
  • Ovchinnikova Tamara Vasilievna.
    For many years of the President of the Kungur Art Lyceum.Wife A.V.Ovchinnikova.
  • Ožegov Vladislav Vladislavovich
  • PELEPENKO Vladimir Andreevich
    & nbsp; (Yekaterinburg).Farmer of stone art, collector.

Perm Stone School

  • Chernakov Gennady Isaakovich
    , 1949 г.р. (ECM).Kamnerez.
  • Chernikov Gennady
  • Hainarlamov Pharis
    Kamerez, Yekaterinburg.
  • Hismatullin Asfan Kanifullovich
    .Artist - Camerorez, г.Kungur P.
  • Khlebnikov Denis Vladimirovich
    Born in 1968Kamerez, Yekaterinburg.
  • Pechersky A.S.
    ., Bashkiria, Sarapul, member of the Creative Union of Stones.
  • Petruchik N.
    Kamerez, Yekaterinburg
  • Pivovarov D.
    .("Moiseikin"), jeweler
  • Pokhov Ilya
    Kamerez, Yekaterinburg.
  • Ponomarev Grigory Anatolyevich
    . The artistic director of the "Workshop named afterIlya Borovikov. "Cavalier of the Order of A.K.Denisov-Uralsky (2009).Member of the Creative Union
  • Senkin Oleg Alexandrovich
    1964 b., G.Gorno-Altaysk. In the stone-cutting case since 1993, in 1994 he created the company "Keletsa Altai", general director.Sketches and work performed with the help of students.Participation in exhibitions in different countries (Italy Germany, USA, Japan, England).Since 2006, together with the St. Petersburg artist Kamneerez, Yaroslav Ksenofontov, has completed work for Faberge's House. It will work with different gifts for the production of gifts.
  • Serebryannikov Ruslan
    Kamerez, Yekaterinburg
  • Sergeev Igor Valentinovich
    "Yakhont and Co.", Yekaterinburg.rod in 1966 in Sverdlovsk.He graduated from artistic vocational school No. 42 in1985, worked in Uralkvartsamocets in 1988 - 1990, since 1991, the company Yakhont and Co.The works of Sergeyev and the masters of his company in the collection of N.I.Timofeeva (or now I. Kobzon?), Yakunin (Moscow).Work: "Julia.""Saxophonist" (together with I. Emashev).
  • Smirnov Konstantin
    Kamerez, Yekaterinburg
  • Sukacheva Nadezhda Nikolaevna.
  • Trifonov Victor Alexandrovich
    ,G.Gorno-Altaysk. 1952 found the founder of the Altai stone-abroad school
  • Tyrlov Roman Gennadievich
  • Yangaykin A.
    ("Moiseikin"), jeweler, reinforcement of stone -cutting products.
  • Yashkin Roman Yakovlevich
    Yekaterinburg.1975 bornCamereus artist.Genus.In 1975 in Novouralsk.In an artistic school, he studied painting, drawing, sculpture and woodcarving.In 1991, he enters the Ural School of Applied Arts in Nizhny Tagil, after serving in the army he returns to the school and graduates in 1998 since 2000 in Yekaterinburg, has been working as a restorer of the VV Museum.Peleepenko.Performs a number of mosaic sculptures. Work ”:“ Samson, breaking the mouth of a lion ”(2001),“ Diabel ”) 2001,“ Butcher ”(2002),“ Shaman dance ”(2004).

Stone School of Moscow and other cities of Russia

  • Balan's Victor
    Stavropol.Cheresteris and jeweler.
  • Belyakov Andrey
    Workshop of Andrei Belyakov ", Moscow.
  • Benyash Dmitry
    Moscow.Kamerez.Member of the exhibitions, includingIn the Vernadsky Museum.
  • Debkova Olga Gennadievna
  • Ermakov Yuri
    .Moscow region“Jewelry Olympus -2006”: “Birth of a crocodile” (bronze, kaholong, Uvarovit).
  • Evstifeev Ivan
    The village of Bornukovo, Nizhny Novgorod region.Genus.01/05/1962 in the village of Bornukovo, Nizhny Novgorod region.He graduated from the Moscow Art and Professional School.M. Kalinina.The main artist of the factory "Bornukovskaya cave." Member of the salon "Stone Art of Russia".At the exhibition "Jewelry Olympus - 2001" introduced the figure "Owl (flight)" from gray anhydrit.
  • Feoktistov German.
    Moscow region. "Jewelry Olympus - 2006": "Birth of a crocodile" (bronze, kaholong, Uvarovit).
  • Filatov Viktor Viktorovich
    .Member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation (2007).He was born and for many years lived and worked in Leningrad - St. Petersburg, collaborated with Andrei Ananov.Currently, he lives in the city of Korolev, the Moscow region. - Work: “executioner and cat”, “shooter from Luke” (K. Faberge and its successors. - St. Petersburg, 2009. - P.597).
  • Gabashvili Shota
  • Galatin Oleg
  • Kimber Natalia Sergeevna
    Director of the Salon "Stone Art of Russia", Moscow.He oversees stone renovations of the Perm region, artists of the Kungur school. Maly sign of the Order of Denisov-Uralsky No. 010 (2011).Member of the Creative Union of Kamnerezov of Russia.
  • Klyuyev Alexander
    . Kamerez.Moscow.“He came to the stone, being a mature wood master, his idol V. Konovalenko, more than 30 sculptural compositions, more than 100 animalist” (from the book of V.B. Seyranyan “Picturesque tales in stone”, M. - 2002.): “Assistant”, “boyar”, “mushrooms”, “Sagittarius”, “Hunter”, “Zhongler”, “Shepherd”, “Running ramps”, “Pierrot,“ Guard ”. The production of the Museum of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Moscow: "Landowner", 2000;"Harlequin", 2001;"Young loafers", 1996.
  • Lavrov A.A.
    Kamerez.Moscow. - Museum "Gems" in Moscow: "Fight with the Snake", 2001.
  • Maresyev Nikolay
    .Moscow. Restover of the highest category of the arms chamber.He works with a stone, performs floral compositions.Participates in exhibitions.
  • Olga Minakova
    Director of the Salon "Karl Faberge".Realzets in 1994. Russian stone -cutting products, author of ideas, author of the catalog.
  • Panin Alexander
    , professor of the Moscow Art and Industry Academy.S. Stroganova.-Restored in the early 1990s.Stone -cutting figures of Vasily Kononovalenko in the Museum "Gems" of the Ministry of Geology of the USSR.
  • Stupachenko Yuri
    , Cherester, Moscow. On one of the Moscow jewelry exhibitions, he presented the sculpture "The mistress of the Copper Mountain".
  • Terziev Alexander.
    G. Krasnodar. The special education of a jeweler and a hemmologist.Taught.Cavalier of the Order of Mikhail Perkhin (2010).Job;"Hunter", 2001 ("Faberge and his successors." -SPB., 2009. -P.593).
  • Timofeev Alexey
    –Merez, Moscow, student of Vasily Konovalenko, when he worked as the chief artist-stonezer of the Ministry of Geology of the USSR (1980s).
  • Tulipakova Olga Nikolaevna
    .Gemologist, editor-in-chief of Jewel & Travel, Dedovsk, Moscow Region- Small Sign of Denisov-Uralsky No. 009. Author of work on stone-abreigned art. Member of the creative Union of Kamnerezov.