How to evaluate?

Why can't you blindly use the top of auction sales?

Why, to evaluate your own work, should not rely on Sotbisovsky and other records?

First you need to immediately discard about 30 % of the prices published in the top. Auction prices in the top are usually indicated with the buyer’s commission. That is, the “hammer price” was about 15–35 %lower. But that is not all. Sotbys-Cristers charges the commission not only from the buyer, but also from the seller. And not only the commission, but also other fees. About 10 % of the hammer is charged from the seller, plus about $ 200 for insurance and $ 300 for publication in the catalog. It turns out that if the work on Sotbis was sold for $ 23,500, then the owner will receive about $ 16,500 in his hands - by $ 7,000 less than the price in the top. That is 30 % less. The reader of the top, as a rule, forgets to make an amendment for this. It seems to him that since the picture in the top was sold for $ 23,500, then about the same or slightly less the owner receives in his hands. This is a great misconception.

The task of these prices is mainly advertising: to show what heights they are capable of or were able to achieve.

But if you need to seriously determine the possible price of their work (not pride of pride (not pride to amuse, but for real sale in Russia), it is worth analyzing the works sold.

Do not forget about common sense and instinct. High), it is unlikely that a flair fails you. You need to find an explanation or ignore this figure. And certainly, you should not raise the pleasant results that are very pleasant for you to the banner, but the results that are highly knocked out of the general row.

You can’t deceive the market