How is the price formed?

For representatives of creative professions, collectors, owners of art galleries and philanthropists, an auction of art is a convenient trading platform on which it is possible to sell or acquire an art that has artistic value.Not all artists arrange exhibitions, while many valuable artifacts have long been in private collections, so it is easier to purchase them through a trading system.

Thus, paintings, books, figurines, antiques and other cultural values are sold.

Auctions of paintings are carried out differently.Often, objects of a certain era are exhibited (paintings by impressionists or pre -Raphaelites, for example) or thematic painting.Sometimes auction houses are traded dedicated to the work of one artist or several painters.Employees of the auction house select valuable works, prepare a catalog, conduct a preliminary exhibition, organize bidding and evaluate the results.For artists, an auction of painting is the opportunity to sell paintings and interest connoisseurs, and for collectors and art lovers - to find rare lots representing high value.

There are several trading systems:

  • English.The starting price is assigned for a work of art, and each next participant increases the rate.If none of the participants gives the starting price, the goods are considered unsaturated.
  • Dutch.The owner of the lot sets the minimum limit of value and the initial price.Bidding can be raised or decreasing, but the cost should not cross the minimum mark.

Distinguish between open and closed auctions.In the first case, the participants know each other's bets, in the second - transfer their proposal to the organizer, who chooses the maximum price.The second sale system is more risky, but it puts participants in equal starting conditions.One of the modern innovations in this industry is electronic auction sites.Those who wish to bet on an online mode, you do not need to go to another city or country to participate.Such a system has made works of world art more affordable for the general public.

Famous trading floors

Some auctions of antiques and works of art have been working for hundreds of years, they gained worldwide fame.Others are just beginning to gain popularity and attract connoisseurs of antique objects, sculpture and painting.We denote the most famous auction houses:

  • Sotbis.This American house was founded back in 1744, initially it specialized in rare Bukinistic publications.Today, Sotbis experts work in different countries of the world, international auction is constantly being held.
  • Christie (Christie’s).He began work in 1766, in total 54 offices and 12 halls operate in the world.This is one of the largest European auctions.
  • Violyti (Vioolity).This is a foreign platform focused on lovers of ancient extraordinary artifacts.It is proposed to purchase ancient decorative objects of high value.
  • Gelos (Gelos).This is one of the first auction houses in Russia.It is popular not only among Russian buyers, but also collectors from Eastern Europe.
  • Vladey.One of the new Russian houses that gained wide fame.This is primarily an auction of modern fine art, where the works of young talents are proposed.It is mainly focused not on foreign, but on Russian buyers.

How is the price formed?

The cost of a work of art depends on a number of factors: this is the fame of the author, and the artistic direction, and the time of creation.The sooner the work is created and the farther from the present that era, the higher the cost of the artifact.The place of sale is also of considerable importance: at large foreign venues, the price of paintings, figurines and other items are often several times higher than for Russian ones.Because of this, foreign collectors often come to Russia in order to replenish the collection without unnecessary costs.

Unique masterpieces of recognized masters are especially highly valued.They evaluate the technical condition of the subject, its age, the artistic skill of the author and other parameters.Of no small importance - the authenticity of the lot, experienced experts dealt with this issue.

The old auction trading system does not lose relevance around the world.Until now, this is one of the current ways to replenish the home collection or sell valuable artifacts for a large amount.