Antique silver has been in great demand for centuries. Antique silver will serve as a worthy gift to business partners, friends and family.on the Art site «» you will find items made of silver that will surprise you


Paintings have been appreciated at all times, and now they have not ceased to be popular. Connoisseurs of this direction of fine art are ready to buy paintings in order to create an interesting interior solution or to invest money profitably.


Antique porcelain is one of the most popular collectibles. Now, as 100 years ago, antique porcelain is of particular interest, representing a luxury item and a symbol of the prosperity of its owner. Porcelain carries the idea and spirit of the time when the thing was made.


Clocks, tableware, figurines, antique tapestries, elegant ceramic tiles, vintage photo frames, photo albums, figurines, candlesticks, and much more will help you feel like a really respectable person

What is Auction of works of art and antiques ?

Auction of works of art and antiques — this is an international marketplace that unites people who want to create, sell, buy and collect unique things

Auction of works of art and antiques Here millions of people sell what they like. And you can find something unusual for yourself and contact them directly.

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Brand Library

Brand Library

Brands can be compared to characters, each of which has its own character and style of communication with the audience.

Art is almost as old as humanity itself, and countless unique works have been created over the centuries of our existence.

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The art of stone carving

The art of stone carving

The school of Russian stonecutters is one of the strongest in the world

The works of the master of stone-cutting art are distinguished by a high artistic level, recognizable author's handwriting and high mastery of stone processing techniques

Handbook of Stone Masters


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Online magazine
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Online auction

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