Dessert service "Rose Pompadour. Sevres Flowers and Birds" SEVRES SEVRES

Sevres porcelain


Porcelain, glazing, painting, gilding. Sevres royal factory stamps of the Republic II Period with the year "RFS 50" indicated on each item. A red printed mark on each item. The set consists of 13 items: 8 dessert plates (diameter 24 cm), 2 biscuit jars (diameter 22 cm, height 40 cm), 2 fruit bowls (diameter 24 cm, height 20 cm), 1 fruit vase (length 25 cm, height 28 cm). Condition: good. The plates are decorated with the color "rose Pompadour", created with the participation of Louis XV's friend and favorite, Marquise de Pompadour - essentially the first woman Prime Minister in Europe, who played a significant role in the development of French porcelain art. The pink background paint is one of the first famous Sevres colors. The pompadour pink is just one of its shades. Like green or sky blue, pink can vary from light pink to orange-pink depending on the firing conditions. However, it was not used until later than cobalt, beau blue, green, or even yellow - the first items with pink backgrounds are dated back to 1757. This is because pink is even more complex to work with than yellow. There was also a high percentage of defective pieces produced. Rarely acknowledged, but at Sevres, focusing on masterpieces, there were a lot of defective items. When creating a cameo set for Catherine, there were almost three times more defective items rejected than those that were perfected. And each Sevres item is extremely expensive. Therefore, items with pink backgrounds are extremely rare.

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