Buchchellati buccelllati duck sculptural composition


The sculptural composition "Duck" of the Buccelllati jewelry house.Silver, filigree, manual study, gilding, height - 29 cm., The weight of the product is -1059.24 gr., The stigma of the jewelry house. Buccelllati Jewelry House /Buchchellati is a special art, since their production secrets are transmitted from generation to generation.In its modern form, the company began to develop rapidly at the beginning of the 20th century.In 1919, Mario Buchchellati opened her own studio.Success was so stunning that involuntarily it was necessary to expand the business.Mario Buchchellati managed to teach his filigree art five sons and transfer their job to them, who continued the work and became the owners of their own boutiques around the world.In 1966, the company management was assumed by Janmaria Buchchellati, who took on all the most important functions: production, distribution, creative search for new forms.The whole world knows about brand.Now the company has shops in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Venice, Moscow. And in Florence, the company’s boutique is located just at the very beginning of the Vecko bridge.The company produces not only jewelry with stones, but also silver cutlery, objects of decorative and applied art, photo frames.
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