Buccellati Sculptural Composition Duck lying



Buccellati Sculptural Composition Duck Lying Down. Silver, filigree, hand-crafted, gilding, height - 15 cm, length - 31 cm, weight of the item - 924.27 grams. Italy, XX century.

An Italian Silver Centerpiece Mario Buccellati, Rome, Italy Twentieth Century Silver Marks: M BUCCELLATI 925 13.75 inches long x 10.5 inches wide x 6.25 inches high 29.72 Troy ounces ITALIAN SILVER MODEL OF A DUCK Buccellati, Mario (Italian, 1891-1965) This remarkably lifelike model of a duck has been intricately crafted: depicting a sitting duck, the figure uses delicate pieces of silver wire to represent feathers around the bird's head and chest. The duck's wings and tail are formed from wider, engraved silver strips that resemble feathers. The bird's beak and eyes are made from solid silver. The duck is depicted sitting and looking up, with its neck resting on its back. The piece is crafted in the style of Mario Buccellati (Italian, 1891-1965), the renowned Italian jeweler who was known for his intricate and beautiful animal sculptures. This is a exquisite piece that showcases skilled craftsmanship.

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