Types of silver jewelry

Types of silver jewelry

Silver ranks second in popularity after gold.

Varieties of silver jewelry

It is suitable for both men and women and can serve not only as a frame for jewelry, but also act as an independent decoration.

In addition, the most affordable price is set for silverware.

To distinguish a real silver product from a fake one, just look at the sample. The silver sample is usually displayed as a number from 750 to 960. The less impurities, the higher the sample and, of course, the cleaner the color. If the alloy has a low sample, then the product will acquire a shade of copper.

What kind of silver jewelry can be distinguished ?Which silver jewelry can be worn and which not?Can they be harmful to health? What to wear them with ?

Silver jewelry and their types

Silver is divided into:

  • clean;
  • with precious stones;
  • oxidized;
  • german;
  • the highest standard.

Pure silver

It has a light metallic luster and is not even much stronger than gold. It does not darken, it does not need to be cleaned. The price for it is one of the highest. Chains, bracelets, earrings, rings are made of this metal.

Silver jewelry with precious stones

These stones complement jewelry, make them more beautiful, diverse. This kind even surpasses pure silver. After all, these products look more expensive, have shine and shine. Their price is higher than pure metal.

Oxidized Silver Jewelry

They are also known all over the world, most common in jewelry stores. Oxidized silver products combine shining earrings, chains, neck necklaces, key chains, flasks, souvenirs, etc. The price for them is lower, so the demand on the market is quite high.

German Silver jewelry

Nickel silver is a silver-white alloy that consists of copper, nickel and zinc. Due to the large number of people who are allergic to nickel, this type of product is not particularly popular. But because of its strength, the German noble metal is often used to create bracelets and chains. The price is available for almost everyone.

Silver jewelry of the highest standard.It is considered the highest quality, as it contains up to 92% silver. If there is a 925 test on jewelry, it is the highest. Therefore, the price for them is the highest.

Types of silver jewelry

Silver earrings

There is sterling silver on the market, the so-called alloy. It consists of silver and copper. This type of jewelry is made by the British companies Pure and Chost, as well as masters of the Czech Republic, France and Israel. Their silver products always look neat, aesthetically pleasing and original.

The surface is treated in different ways:

  • matte;
  • glossy;
  • shining.

They are perfectly combined with precious stones, such as pearls, emerald, diamond, amethyst, mother of pearl. They can also be produced with a moonstone.

Silver goes well with any kind of wardrobe, both with an elegant dress or business suit, and with jeans and a youth T-shirt.

It is unacceptable to wear silver and gold jewelry together, you show a lack of taste, especially if the chain is gold and the pendant is made of silver, and vice versa.

You can wear several pieces of jewelry at once, and it will not look vulgar, as the abundance of gold on the neck looks.

Who is suitable for noble metal?

If you wear a silver product made of precious metal and began to feel worse, take it off, it does not suit you. It is advisable to temporarily abandon this type of jewelry for those who have suffered a serious illness or experienced deep stress. Silver does not like egoists, envious people, skeptics, hypertensive people, irritated people. This metal is positively tuned to those who were born under the zodiac sign of Pisces and Cancer. It calms very emotional people. It is believed that silver products are more suitable for young people, both in price and style. Such a gift to a loved one will be very useful.

Healing properties of silver products

Silver jewelry on the neck Scientists have revealed the ability under the action of silver molecules to rapidly multiply cells that are able to reduce cancer at the initial stage. It has been proven that chains protect the body from infectious diseases. This metal improves vision, well-being, relieves headaches and dizziness, helps with pain of the cardiovascular system, relieves the smell of sweat. Silver is a lunar metal that cools the human body. No wonder our ancestors kept water in silver vessels, kings drank from silver cups, military men from silver flasks. For those who are on diets – hold the jewelry in your mouth and your appetite will disappear.

Such stones as emerald, chrysoprase, jade, morion and amethyst are well combined with silver. Ruby, diamond, and turquoise are not combined.

How to care for silver products

If your silver chain or bracelet has started to turn black, you need to prepare a soap solution, hold the jewelry in it for 15-20 minutes and wipe them with a soft cloth.

The luster of costume jewelry is given by a decoction of potatoes, it is enough to lower them into it for half an hour.

Jewelry can be placed in a solution of a liter of water and 1 tbsp. l. of ammonia, they will shine in a new way.

If your jewelry has darkened a lot, they can be thoroughly rubbed with toothpaste, then rinsed well with water and wiped dry.

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