Jeweler's paper knife with blue agate by Gilbert Albert.

Gilbert Albert (Gilbert Albert)


Swiss jeweler Gilbert Albert is the most titled jeweler on the planet, a ten-time winner of the prestigious international award Diamond’s International Awards, a kind of jewelry "Oscar". He was the first master after Carl Faberge to have personal exhibitions at the Museums of the Moscow Kremlin (1991 and 2003).

Gilbert Albert creates exquisite jewelry, using treasures of the natural world. In the jeweler's works, many of which are made in only one copy, precious stones are elegantly combined with marine beetle shells, corals, shells, pearls, and meteorite fragments.

ALBERT, GILBERT 30.09.1930 Geneva Blue agate -Paper knife. Switzerland, ca. 1980. 750/- yellow/gold, 800/- silver, total weight: 122.70 g. L x w=approx. 21 x 4.1cm. 2 crystal Blue agate droplets. Signed and numbered.
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By the manufacturer Gilbert Albert (Gilbert Albert)
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