Kettle.Russian Empire (Russia), until 1899, Nicols Karl & Plinke, ST Petersburg,



Kettle.Russian Empire (Russia), until 1899, Silver kettle. Russian Empire (Russia), Nicols Karl & Plinke, ST Petersburg, 19th century. Height - 14.5 cm. Weight - 686 grams of silver 84 spool sample (= 875 metric sample). Equipped with a hook with a hook for hanging tea leaves.

Silver Tea Pot. Russian Empire (Russia), Karl Nicols & Plinke, ST Petersburg, 19th Century. Height - 14.5 CM. Weight- 686 Grams of Silver 84 Finence in Zolotniki (= 875 Metrical Finence). There is an insert with a Hook for Hanging the Tea.

Nicolis & Pelnka is a famous Petersburg company, in St. Petersburg she was known as an “English store”. The owners of the store William Pelinka and Konstantin Nicolis entered the merchants of the 2nd Guild in 1804 from the English natives, taking the oath to the citizenship of Russia in the same year, in 1808 moved to the 1st Guild.Hereditary honorary citizens since 1844.Until the end of the 1870s.The court office prepared all the silver things through the Nicolis and the Plink store.The store was placed in 1870.According to Nevsky Ave., 16 Factory of the company on Ligovskaya St., 38 from 1842 to 1879.The merchant of the 1st Guild Roman (Robert) Yakovlevich Kokhun contained. S. Arnd, I. Genrikson, A. Tobinkov, the main artist of the company in St. Petersburg (since 1859) and its director (since 1870) - R.I. Bach, father R.R.Bach and N.R. Bach. The large "English store Nicolis and the hill" was placed in one houses on a large sea, a frequent visitor himself was Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin himself, in whose name an endless loan was opened, which the poet could not pay off - only after his tragic death the well -wishers paid this debt, amounting to more than 2000 rubles.

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