Author's sculpture made of stone "mining", Ural school of volumetric mosaics

Stone -ore plastic (mosaic), St. Petersburg and Ural School of Stone threads.


Russia, 2010

Sculpture size: 27cm 10.5 cm19 cm

Author: Sergey Zabotchenko

Workshop: "Russian semiprecious stones and minerals"

This work is a mining magnesite production of the beginning of the 20th century.Clothing, tools are as close as possible to the original and characteristic for that time.The workers of this specialty took out the produced breed from the career.The main instruments of the miners of those years were a chirus, a manual wheelbarrow and a cart drawn by a horse.

The sculpture is made in a single copy.

The sculpture is a museum value and is a genuine artistic work corresponding to the characteristics specified in this Certificate.

Used semi -delegal and crafts, metal: different jasper, tiger eyes, porphythitis, petrified tree, quartzite, marble, dalerite, mathesitis.Agate, silver.

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