Jewelry composition "Treasure Hunter", precious and semi-precious stones, silver 925 Lot: 90052 Artist designer E. Kozhichkina, jeweler A. Zhuravlev Weight of the product: 1385.00 g Stones: Ruby 2- 0.06 ct 2/2 Alpanite 9- 0.28 ct Synthetic corundum 9 - 0.40 ct Zircon 4 - 0.99 ct Zircon 3 - 0.47 ct Spinel cir. 8 - 0.30 ct Quartz 2 -0.30 ct Agate 1- 535.0 ct Agate 1-691.24 ct Width 18 cm. Height 13 cm.

Lot No. 4726
900 000.00

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Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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от 180 ₽

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Jewelry composition "Treasure Hunter"

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Kremlin masters

Kremlin masters
Kremlin masters
"Kremlin masters" (earlier-“Masters-Russia”) is a jewelry manufactory founded in 1997.“Kremlin masters” create jewelry of the museum level, combining the traditions of Russian jewelry with designer trends of the XXI century.Conducting attitude to national jewelryTraditions, appeal to the best examples of fine and applied creativity allowed the products of “masters” to occupy a unique niche in the jewelry market of Russia.Reviving the forgotten names of the Russian jewelers Ivan Khlebnikov, Ignatius Sazikov and Pavel Ovchinnikov, the manufactory “Kremlin masters” makes the domestic classics of modern and fashionable.The company primarily pay attention to the quality of materials, and not to their origin.The Kremlin Masters work equally successfully with stones from Australia, Mexico, India, USA, South America, as well as with Ural gems and Yakut diamonds.The strength of precious stones and metals is irrational, like the power of any art.For each artistic task - its own stone.The purpose of the “Kremlin masters” was and remains the disclosure of the unique advantages of the stone or metal through their shape, the processing method and unexpected design solutions.traditions, creativity and quality - these principles of “Kremlin masters” became the basis for the success of the brand among the thinnest connoisseurs of real quality and genuine beauty.

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