Author's sculpture made of stone Fisherman from colored semi-precious stones

Stone -ore plastic (mosaic), St. Petersburg and Ural School of Stone threads.


Blocking is the most complex stone-cutting technique in artistic and technical terms. The Fisherman is a bright, colorful genre sculpture made up of voluminous fragments of colorful stones. • the stand is made of white marble; • face, hands, and neck - marble; • eyes - lapis lazuli; • hair, beard - jade; • hat - balerit; • shirt - granite; • pants - serpentine; • reeds - obsidian, bronze; • fishing rod - bronze; • leaves - serpentine The Fisherman piece is available in a unique copy. The composition was handmade exclusively from different types of natural colored stones, using the technique of Faberge volumetric mosaic. Each detail was carved separately, according to the scale of the overall plot. The incredibly detailed composition in stone, so complex in execution, speaks to the master's high level of professionalism. Overall height - 22cm; Fisherman's height - 17cm; Stand (river) - 25x17cm.

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