How to buy and sell porcelain of the USSR at auction

The porcelain of the USSR is very highly valued

In addition to the ability to determine the real value of rare porcelain, you need to understand the artistic one, feel the aesthetic value of such things.

Such a skill becomes not so important if a person collects antiquity just for himself, jewelry of a house, interior.But when market, commercial relations come into business, the situation changes.In order for porcelain to sell or buy porcelain in order to make further profit, you need to sensitively capture the antiques market and understand the preferences of modern collectors.

Why is it better to choose an auction for the sale of porcelain of the USSR?

If you plan to sell antique porcelain, do not rush to exhibit it on the free ads and ordinary stores common in the sites.Too small a chance to find a real collector.It will also not work profitable and quickly selling porcelain of the USSR, the price of which will satisfy the seller in local pawnshops.

Inexperienced and novice sellers, looking for a worthy buyer, often encounter resellers and give them valuable goods at a low price.After all, such personalities try to underestimate the cost as much as possible, convincing the seller in poor condition of things, in poor demand.

How is the antiques assessment?

Many inhabitants are sure that high -quality porcelain is simply required to be thin -walled.In fact, this is not so.Along with thin, as eggshell, porcelain works of art is very highly appreciated by the porcelain of the Soviet period, thickened, which in most cases was produced in the USSR.Such products were produced from quartz, kaolin, field spar.The mass was poured into forms and finished samples were received.

After drying and firing, many porcelain products were subjected to manual paintings with further glaze.Such items are appreciated quite high.

Considering and analyzing porcelain goods, the following points are taken into account:

  • The age of the thing;
  • authorship (separate master or factory production);
  • condition (there are chips, damage, cracks);
  • The completeness or the unity of the proposed product;
  • Demand among collectors;
  • Technique of creation and design.

Why is the porcelain of the USSR valued?

The Soviet porcelain, the auction of which is carried out with us is a real business card of Russia.And such products are valued along with the legendary Faberge or ancient icon painting.Such products are becoming often guests among the lots of world auction houses.Their cost can reach dozens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now, from all porcelain made during the time of the USSR, about 30-40%remained, the remaining products, figures are lost, thrown out or broken.

The painting on the figurines of the time of the Union has always been streaming.That is, the artists themselves painted porcelain according to a given template.This individuality is inherent in each color porcelain thing of the USSR era.This fact even more raises our products in price.

Porcelain factories of porcelain figurines of the USSR

Most of the eminent porcelain of the time of the Union was made at the Lomonosov and Dulevsky porcelain factory.The production of Gzhel porcelain was actively engaged in production, products created in the village of Pesopochnaya are well valued.Among the collectors, the Soviet porcelain of the time of the USSR of the following factories is also in high demand:

  • Polonsky;
  • Bogdanovic;
  • Ternopol;
  • Dmitrovsky;
  • good;
  • Polonsky;
  • Olevsky;
  • Tashkent;
  • Baranovsky;
  • Tbilian;
  • Khaitinsky;
  • Konakovsky;
  • Riga;
  • Yerevan;
  • Budyansky;
  • Sysert;
  • Krasnodar;
  • Minsk;
  • October;
  • Kirovsky;
  • Sumy;
  • Vladivostok;
  • Gorodnitsky;
  • Kuzyaevsky;
  • Korosten;
  • Kislovodsky;
  • Borislavsky.

E great interest is the dishes of the famous Leningrad porcelain factory named afterLomonosov (LFZ).Populations of the product of the Dimitrovsky plant, which was in the rulers and the Proletariat Plant (NFZ).