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Heubach Porcelain Manufactory

Heubach is a porcelain manufactory founded by Johann Heinrich Leder in 1822 in the city of Lichte, Thuringia, Germany. According to his will, in January 1824, the factory passed to his cousins William and Henry Liebmann. William bought out his brother's shares and became the independent owner of the factory in 1830. In 1840, the factory was bought by Christoph and Philip Heubach and renamed Gebruder Heubach.

Until the mid-19th century, the factory specialized in tableware, and decorative items production began in 1876. The factory received a silver medal for its products at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. Its products were subsequently awarded top honors at subsequent exhibitions.

In 1938, the company changed owners once again, and Baron Otto Friedrich Furst zu Ysenburg became the owner. After the end of World War II, the company was first expropriated and then nationalized in 1948, operating under the name VEB Porzellanfabrik Lichte.

Currently, the factory primarily supplies its products to the domestic market in Germany and Eastern European countries. Since 1991, the factory has been returned to its former owners, the heirs of Baron Otto Friedrich Furst zu Ysenburg. Since 1994, it has operated under the name Lichte Porzellan GmbH.

The distinctive feature of the factory's products is very fine porcelain made in the best traditions of Thuringian porcelain.

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