A couple of massive silver piles, 5 x 4.5 cm, Sweden, Stockholm, Borgila



Stop Massive Silver couple Borgila, Sweden, G. Stockholm

A pair of silver handmade stop Sweden, Stockholm, workshop Atelier Borgila AB, 1975. Height - 5 cm, top diameter - 4.5 cm. The total weight is 150 grams of silver 925 sample. On the stacks there is a stigma "Borgilla" - a world -famous Swedish manufacturer of an expensive table silver, whose stylish products are characterized by high quality performance In combination with restrained sophistication. The brands "925" certify that the products are made of 925 silver. Sweden test stigmas: “Three crowns” on a corrugated background in a shield, the shape of which is a symbol of a trilian, certifies that the product was made in Sweden from precious metall, the test of which is not lower than the minimum Standard adopted in the country. The letter "S" on a corrugated background in a pentifier shield confirms that the product is made of silver not Below the standard accepted in the country, which corresponds to 925 sample. The “head of St. Eric” certifies that the product is tested in Stockholm. “E10” is a stigma certifying that the product was tested in 1975. In great condition.

A Pair of Massive Silver Glass.Sweden, Stockholm, Workshop Borgila, 1975. Dimensions: 4.5 x 5 CM. Weight - 150 Grams of Silver 925 Finence. "Borgilla" - The World -Famous Swedish Manoufacturr of Expensive Silverware, Whose Stylish Products have a High Quality in Combination with A Elegance. The Marks "Sterling" and "925s" confirm, that the items have a silver of finance 925. Swedish HallMarks: The Mark Shapeed Like a Trefoil with Three Crowns on the Fluted Background Means, that the Item Is Made in Sweden from the Precious Metal Alloy with Finence Not Less, than Minimal Standard of Country. The Mark Hexagon-Shaped with A Letter "S" on the Fluted Background Means, thatfe IS Made from the Silver with Assay Not Less than the Minimum Standard of the Country. "The Head of St.Eric ” - Stockholm City Hallmark. "E10" Means, That the ITEM WAS ASSayed in 1975 year. Used, but in good control.

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By the manufacturer Borgia
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