Rectangular serving tray Schiavon Baroque XVIII century

Schiavon Skiavon


Collection: Baroque 18th century Material: Silver 925 Dimensions: 560 x 340 mm Weight: 1644 g The Baroque collection offers the highest craftsmanship and decorations, created for luxurious homes and tables. Each accessory decoration item is made of 925 silver. Silver trays have confidently entered our lives. They are a sign of status and good taste, and the way food is presented on them looks impressive. The dishes themselves become much tastier under the gleam of precious metal. The first trays appeared in Japan over 1300 years ago, but they looked very different from the ones we see in stores today. Japanese trays resembled simple wooden boards. Later, they began to be coated with black lacquer, decorated with stones and landscapes made from white quartz, and such items are now known as bonsai. They were used in Japan for tea ceremonies, famous for their beauty and sophistication. In Russia, trays appeared much later - in the 16th century. Initially, they resembled simple wooden plates painted with bright and colorful patterns. Later, boards with borders made of gold and silver, decorated with intricate engravings, began to be distinguished. The first iron trays were produced in the 18th century in Nizhny Tagil. Tin models were characterized by their enormous size and were called tablecloths, over time they were reduced to the size we are familiar with today, but did not lose their functionality. In the 19th century, trays began to be painted with bright floral patterns. It is worth noting that trays were not always used specifically for serving food. They were also produced as stands for samovars, hung on walls instead of paintings, and even taken on trips to use as writing surfaces for recording impressions. In wealthy homes, a silver tray was always placed at the entrance, where guests would leave their business cards. This tradition is still upheld at elegant events and social gatherings to this day.

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