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Tapio Wirkkala Tapio Virkkala (06/02/1915 - 05/19/1985) - one of the main Finnish designers who achieved international recognition.All materials were subject to him: metal, glass, plastic, ceramics, wood, glued plywood, stone, silver. & Nbsp; - a world -famous artist, who is called "one of the symbols of the international success of the post -war Finnish design" (in particular, is the author of the design of the bottleFor the legendary vodka, “Finland”).

Virkkala's tapio is considered one of the leading figures of the Finnish design.The period of the 1950s-1970s, which is evaluated as the “golden age” of the Finnish design, is sometimes called the “Virkkala period.” & Nbsp; Virkkala developed several classic objects, including Kantarelli Vasa and the design of bottles of Koskenkorva and Finlandia vodka.The most famous works of Tapio Virkkala were glassware created for Iittala.Perhaps the most famous work of Tapio Virkkala for Iittala is the Ultima Thule series, created in the 1960s. & Nbsp; Virkkala has repeatedly held prize positions on Triennal in Milan.In 1955, he was awarded the Pro Finlandia medal, in 1972 he received the title of academician. & Nbsp; he worked with a wide variety of materials - from plastic and metal to glass, from ceramics to glue plywood - and in a wide range of styles.He invented the appearance of both mass products (dishes, stone products, jewelry, furniture), and unique art objects, contributing to the erosion of borders between household and art in the Scandinavian design.Virkkala perfectly owned traditional Finnish craft technologies (wood carving, hot and cold forging, etc.) and creatively used them in work.Largely thanks to the works of Tapio Virkkala, the design in Finland was perceived as a symbol of national identity.His legacy has thousands of design samples.

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