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History of Robbe & Nbsp; & amp;Berking began in 1874.Since then, until now, its products are considered not just cutlery, but unique works of art.Strict design and high standards are those principles that determined and will determine the activities of the German company.

over the long (125 years), the history of the company has not changed.Its essence is that the main thing is not the price, but the quality.And better than Robbe & AMP;No one can do Berking.

And it began more and more modestly.Nicholas Christoph Robbie and Robert Berkin, almost without financial support, together worked on the production of silver products.Every year the number of their customers and admirers increased.To date, the company is already working in the company.Their activities are based on many years of time -tested traditions.Masters are not focused on mass production of products.It is better for them to make less, but better.In addition, special attention is paid to details.For products, only the most high -quality silver is used.All cutlery are made of 925 sterling silver, which has a high level of quality and good reputation around the world.

The range of products of the company includes about fifty cutlery.A feature of Robbe & AMP;Berking is a love of production of unusual products, such as a fork for lobster or oysters, for example.The company's products are more focused on real gourmets.

Of course, it is much easier for the manufacturer to produce a limited range of products, but this can reduce the number of customers.

the company's masters say that they create real masterpiecesarts, based on the traditions of previous generations.

on the quality of products of Robbe & amp;Berking does not have to argue, the same goes for design.Robbe & amp cutlery;Berking from silver can be observed at expositions in many European museums.Among modern silver art, they really stand out.The most famous international hotels, and restaurants are in a hurry to purchase the company cutlery.Even in the palace of King Jordan, in the Kremlin, in the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, most of the tricks are served by this famous silver.Silver Robbe & amp;Berking. & nbsp;

Lot No. 4831
Tablespoons of love a + b
44 500.00
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Caviar knife (hiccup knife) Go…


35 000.00
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Alt-Augsburg Silber Alt-Augsbu…
42 000.00
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Caviar with a silver cover and…
280 000.00
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Photo frame 13x18 Diamond, Rob…
95 000.00
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Alt-kopenhagen 925 toothpicks
35 000.00
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Robbe & Berking Silver Ryumka
65 300.00
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Spoon for robbe & berking snac…
15 200.00
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Gourmet Silber Dante 925
35 000.00
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Summary for 1 candle Empire 12…
75 000.00
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42 000.00
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Tranding Ø 36cm "Alta" tray fo…
344 500.00
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Candle 24 CM Navette Silber Ca…
95 000.00
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Champagne glass (glass) Robbe …
154 000.00
Lot No. 4771
Champagne bucket
610 000.00