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Gorham Providen, Rog Alend company Gorham Silver Founded in Providence, Rhizhnod, in 1831, master Jabez Gorham In partnership with Henry L. Webster.

The main product of the company was silver tablespoons, although they also produced thimble, crests, jewelry and other small items.In 1842, a tariff was adopted, which actually blocked the import of silver products from the United States limits, which served as the impetus for the development American silver industry.

Jabez Gorham is not fully took this opportunity, but in 1847, Jabez retired, and his Son John Gorham replaced him as the head of the company.John Gorham was outstanding a visionary person, he introduced mechanized production methods, expanded the premises in the center of the city of Provice, improved the design and expanded the ruler products.

In 1852, he toured a lot in Europe.S silver workshops and manufactories, talking with individual specialists, including Masters and locksmiths.He also searched highly qualified foreign workers to teach their American workers.George Wilkinson, chief designer and head of the workshop, was Hiring from England.

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