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dishes In the technique of stained glass enamel

, creating precious dishes in jewelry technique of stained glass enamel, this is a long process of handmade - for example, on Making a glass by motive Russian style takes 4 months of work, A team of artists and jewelers, 3 jewelry techniques, as well as 100 meters wires weighing 50 grams, 17 enamel colors and fire furnaces.

briefly About the technique of stained glass enamel - the basis of the product is created from silver scani 925 samples.The soldered openwork ornament is a strong product frame. Crushed stained -glass enamel is washed with distilled water and in the form Sandless suspension is browned in a created silver pattern.For each enamel colors have its own melting point - this is how the product passes multiple Firing in muffle furnaces at temperatures of 720-760 degrees.

sources Inspiration for creating dishes is: the atmosphere of fabulous and epic Rus', traditional Russian ornaments, the art of ancient Byzantium, the mysterious world East, sophisticated images of the Art Nouveau style.

the uniqueness of this technique is explained features of manufacturing products from stained glass (openwork, window, Particular) enamel.Speaking about products from stained glass enamel, it is necessary understand that the blocked enamel made in stained -glass enamel techniques, Significantly more difficult to execute than a deaf blocked enamel.Art The creation of such works is owned only by masters of the elite caste of jewelers. To do this, it is necessary to have a subtle impeccable taste, knowledge of secrets and the features of the process, intuitive, unmistakable instinct and great experience.

a painstaking process of creating products from stained glass The enamel includes several important stages.First, the frame of the future is made subject;It is an openwork pattern of thin silver or gold Wires - scani.Then the intervals of the pattern are filled with colored enamel thoroughly chosen shades, and the product is subjected to firing in a strictly defined temperature regime.The slightest deviation at this finish stage can ruin All the work, and the final result of the entire work is visible only after its completion.
Talent, skill and even the mood of the artist influence what the products created will come out, so they never are Absolutely the same.This is each time new, special works, differing from each other, like children of the same parent.
The cost of such items is always high, because The virtuoso author puts his soul into each of them, as in a song.That's why Prices for bright, elegant, translucent through and through products from stained -glass enamel one order with precious stones-brown.In fact, these objects and are jewelry: in the 19th century they were presented as a gift to the tsarist people, with them Decorated palace interiors.

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