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Silver figurines of Saturno.

For more than For thirty years, the Italian jewelry company Saturno has been a leading manufacturer of silver products on both the Italian and international markets.

The Saturno brand has become widely known in the world thanks to the original silver figurines of animals, figurines of birds, inhabitants of the aquatic world and insects.
Unique technologies for the production of silver jewelry: injection molding and enamel application made Saturno animal figurines not easy expensive souvenirs, but also part of the collections of many collectors around the world. Statuettes in silver, reproducing animals in their most in a natural state, they fascinate with their fantastic reality.

The beauty and grace of miniature figurines made of silver Saturno is the result of an in-depth study of the behavior of real animals, birds and insects, embodied in art and jewelry. In addition to the silver animal figurines, Saturno's silver products also include bracelets, classic key rings, chains, cufflinks, brooches and pendants.

Goods made of silver Saturno, covered with jewelry enamel have no equal. Silver itself is endowed with the ability of nobility and sophistication in any composition. Well, the combination of noble metal with traditional refinement and elegance of forms, silver figurines of animals, birds, fish makes silver jewelry so beautiful that it is impossible to get rid of them tear off the eye. When you admire Italian souvenirs made of silver, it seems that it is lightning fast to this beautiful and mysterious world of nature, where the abilities and capabilities of ancient masters open up before you, which allowed modern jewelry designers to embody their innermost desires and dreams in metal at the level of intuition.

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