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Vasiliy Matveyevich Ashmarin (middle XIX century — after 1902, Moscow) — the owner of a fashionable factory of silver products, gold (silver) affairs at the end of the XIX century master, enameler, skilled carver stichel.

The works of master Ashmarin are highly appreciated among collectors. Factory products presented in the collection The State Historical Museum, they can also be found on the platforms of world auction houses and in private collections.

Little is known about the life of Vasily Matveevich. Born in the middle of the XIX century, presumably a native Podolsk county ("patrimony" of jewelers) Moscow province. He was known as a silversmith, a jeweler.

Presented twice Russian empire (class: gold and silver items) on World Exhibitionin Paris ( 1899-1900), twice awarded bronze medals.

Lived in Moscow (own home ownership by Kologrivsky Lane). The building has not been preserved to this day. A silverware factory was located at the same address from 1883 to 1909. According to information from 1901, there were 25 workers at the factory.

With 1902 to 1909 according to the address and reference book "The whole of Moscow" home ownership passes to his wife Agafya Andreevna Ashmarina. The case is continued by his son Stepan Vasilyevich Ashmarin.

Vasiliy Matveyevich was famous for his creative imagination and artistic improvisation, precision and accuracy of execution of jewelry orders. Silverware passed through the hands of the master and his students blooms with fabulous patterns of the traditional "Russian style". There are also carved landscape motifs "white stone" framed with black and the finest work twisted scan and grain bordering scaly and mesh hemispheres of plant ornaments.

Salt shakers, cups, cup holders, ladles and trays alternate silver and fancy enamels with an iridescent sheen of lemon gilding, dashed rays on cutlery and snuffboxes keep the secrets of monograms.

Brands on products:

According to the index of Postnikova-Loseva brands ( №2320; №2321; №2280; №2258) and the Geoffrey Watts catalog has 4 varieties of initials on the stamps of the Ashmarin V. M. silverware factory, and namely:

No.2320 VMA + (sometimes a medal with a master's profile Ashmarina)

No.2321 V.M.A. + (sometimes a medal with the profile of the master Ashmarin)

No.2280 V.ASHMARIN + (medal with master's profile Ashmarina)


Next to the personal stamps of the master (No. 2320 — VMA; No. 2280 — V. ASHMARIN), sometimes there is a medal with an indistinguishable image. According to researcher Belokhvostikov A. A., this medal is found next to the nominal stamp after 1899 and is a miniature of the award bronze medal.


Bronze medal "La médaille de l'Exposition universelle de Paris" (1899; Paris, France)

Bronze medal "La médaille de l'Exposition universelle de Paris" (1900; Paris, France)

The works of Vasily Matveyevich Ashmarin factory are presented in the collection of the State Historical Museum.

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