Bronze figurines "Rulers of Russia" by sculptor Alexander Gusev.



Bronze miniatures "Rulers of Russia" Author's work by sculptor Alexander Gusev Materials: wood, bronze Dimensions: (in glass) height 36 cm; (without glass) height 28 cm; length 29 cm; width 7.5 cm Figures are made of bronze, in the commonly accepted scale for miniatures - 1:72, and in height they are 2.6 cm.

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Bronze figurines "Rulers of Russia" by sculptor Alexander Gusev.

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Gusev Alexander Yuryevich - miniature sculptor

Gusev Alexander Yuryevich - miniature sculptor
Gusev Alexander Yuryevich - miniature sculptor
Gusev Alexander Yuryevich is a miniaturist sculptor working in 1:72 scale since 2005. He was born in Moscow in 1962. He graduated from the artistic and graphic faculty of the Pedagogical Institute (Moscow State Pedagogical Institute named after Lenin). By profession, he is an interior designer. He has been engaged in sculpture for 44 years, with the main theme being Russian and European historical miniatures. The sculptor creates images of well-known historical figures (for example, the series "Rulers of Russia" - from Ivan III to V.V. Putin) as well as everyday images of people from those eras. Currently, in addition to his professional design work, he fulfills orders for several companies producing collector soldiers in Denmark and Germany, and also constantly collaborates with state museums in Russia. He has completed several projects with the Historical Museum of Moscow, the Russian Museum, the Hermitage, the Museum of Political History in St. Petersburg, and others. His works have been exhibited multiple times in Moscow and the Moscow region (in Dmitrov, Kolomna, Balashikha), St. Petersburg, and other cities, with more than a dozen solo exhibitions throughout Russia. His military-historical miniatures are considered among collectors to be the best in 1:72 scale, unmatched in terms of execution, characterized by the finest detail, historical accuracy, and meticulous work beyond human capabilities, consistently taking top honors at specialized competitions. Few miniature artists dare to paint the 26mm figures by Alexander Gusev, but they are among the best and most talented artists in our country, such as Valentina Kostina, Yaroslav Bobrov, Alexander Kataurov, and Marina Aynagoz. Historical miniature is a unique form of decorative and applied art. It has accompanied mankind throughout history, serving various roles: cult figures, jewelry, beautiful knick-knacks, children's toys, and collectible items. The Moscow sculptor Alexander Yuryevich Gusev has been passionate about historical miniatures for many years. His works are highly appreciated by collectors for their quality and attention to detail.The creations are born under a microscope and fit in the palm of your hand. Their height is 2.6 cm, as they are made in one of the internationally accepted miniature scales - 1:72. Such size of sculptures allows for creating small scenes, as well as large dioramas and structures. The figures possess all the qualities of "big" sculpture: dynamism, expressiveness, and detailed work (even small facial features can be seen on the figures). The author is drawn to the dark and mesmerizing world of the Middle Ages and the military history of different eras. The exhibition will feature miniature figures and compositions of military and everyday life of people: "Old Castle," "At the City Gates," "Attack," "Guards on Break," "Organ," "Blacksmith Shop," "Street Bakery," "Wine Cellar," "Falconry," "Bandits," and many others. Visitors will also be able to get acquainted with miniatures from the "Rulers of Russia" series, starting from famous representatives of the Rurik dynasty (Ivan III the Great, Ivan IV the Terrible, Fyodor Ioannovich, and Vasiliy Shuysky) and the House of Romanovs to the leaders of the Soviet state and the XXI century. Alexander Gusev is one of the best Russian sculptors of a global level. All of his works are of museum quality, they have been exhibited multiple times, winning first prizes at specialized competitions in Russia and Europe. Due to the specificity and miniature nature of the presented works, display cases will be complemented by magnifying glasses and large photographs of the figures. In St. Petersburg, at the Museum of Political History, an exhibition of historical miniatures "Rulers of Russia" opened. Sculptor Alexander Gusev presents the political history of our country in miniature and the fate-changers on whom the Russian state depended. This is not the first exhibition of the sculptor in the northern capital. It is dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of Russian statehood. The exhibition features miniature figurines of all rulers of our country, from Ivan III to Dmitry Medvedev.Figures are made of bronze, in the commonly accepted scale for miniatures - 1:72, and they are 2.6 cm in height. Figures can be viewed through magnifying glasses displayed right there.

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