Strigo A., Kalinina T., Imperial Establishment of Russian Knightly Orders



Strigo A., Kalinina T., Imperial Establishment of the Russian Cavalry Orders. Moscow: Novosti Typography, [2003] - 268 p.: illustrated; 480x380 mm. Bound in a solid velvet publisher's cover. The front cover is embroidered with a double-headed eagle with three imperial crowns and royal regalia in gold and colored threads. Silk laces. Custodia attached to the spine with a twisted cord in a metal case. In a lacquered wooden case. The case also contains a pair of white gloves for displaying the book.

This edition is part of the assortment of state gifts that Vladimir Putin presents to his guests, friends, and colleagues. The book "Imperial Establishment of the Russian Cavalry Orders" was released in a minimal edition upon the request of the Ministry of Defense. Since February 1, 2002, the "Establishment" has been considered the main official gift of the Russian Defense Minister and only after passing all the necessary examinations, it entered the Gift Fund of the Head of State.

The gift book "Imperial Establishment of the Russian Cavalry Orders" is an almost exact copy of Emperor Paul I's "Establishment," which was published in the late 18th century. The book is reproduced from two preserved copies, one of which is located in the Armory Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin. The original "Establishment" consists of Paul I's address and thirty-one articles, which indicate who and for what merits can become a knight of the Order, describe the Russian Orders of all degrees with illustrations of order crosses, ribbons, seals, and the clothing of the Order's knights. It also outlines the treasurer, herald, court ceremonial, and the income of the Russian Order knights. The "Establishment" of Paul I is supplemented with descriptions of Russian orders that were not included in the original text but were established before 1917, as well as unique photographs of Russian Imperial orders. The book is published under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation with the blessing of the Patriarch of Russia Alexy II and with the support of the State Historical Museum and the Military Memorial Center of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. The edition is prepared within the framework of the program for authentic reproduction of rare Russian folios. Each copy of the book is handmade. The coat of arms of Russia is embroidered with gold threads on the velvet cover of the "Establishment." The book is adorned with a gilded custodia with a wax seal and protected by a lacquered case. This book is an official gift from the President of the Russian Federation. All descriptions in the book are in two languages - English and Russian.

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