Book about a horse. A desktop book for every breeder, horseman. Urusov S. P.



Urumov, S.P. BOOK ABOUT HORSE. TABLE BOOK FOR EVERY HORSE-BREEDER, HORSEMAN. 2 VOLUMES IN 1 BOOK Format: 210 x 305 mm, 1052 pages The book was first published in 1902 and immediately became incredibly popular! The book is designed in the best traditions of world book publishing: it contains over 1000 engraved illustrations, photographs from the end of the 20th century, as well as tables with informative and colorful images that will be of interest not only to you, but also to your children! French ownership binding made of genuine leather, embossed with 24-carat gold. The book is decorated with a bas-relief "Horse Head" with milk enamel and 999-carat gold plating, the edges are hand-painted. Endpapers are decorated with embossed blind stamping. Quality certificate, 50 years guarantee. Edition - 50 numbered copies. The uniqueness of this book option is the ability to insert your introductory word, greeting, wish, photo on the title page. The binding of the book is made in the elite book department of the "SPEC-ADDRESS" Publishing House in accordance with the centuries-old traditions of bookbinding art. The book is bound by master craftsmen of the highest qualification according to the ancient technology of the 17th century using natural binding materials (shagreen leather). The book block is hand-sewn on cords, which guarantees high quality and reliability of the binding. Gold and blind stamping. The edges of the book are hand-colored. Each book has a numbered quality certificate with a 50-year guarantee on binding work. The book has the personal stamp of the master and the stamp of the bookbinding workshop. "...Reading this book is like an engaging conversation with a witty and friendly person, who is also a true professional in the noble art of horse breeding..." (Anton Bruy, CEO of "SPEC-ADDRESS Publishing House") SPEC-ADDRESS Publishing House and the Elite Book Department have released a unique edition - "Book about Horse". "Book about Horse" was first published in St. Petersburg in 1902 and immediately became incredibly popular among horse lovers.The book is intended for both professional breeders and enthusiasts of horses. Its author and compiler was Prince Sergei Urusov - a well-known and respected expert and connoisseur of horses. Even during the prince's lifetime, the book was reissued twice and became a recognized encyclopedia in literally all areas of horse breeding, and its full title - "Desktop book for every horse breeder, horseman, horse owner, and horse lover" - justifies itself to this day! The book contains interesting historical information and the most complete overview of materials on horse breeding: it tells about horse breeds, their structure and stature, diet and treatment; about horseback riding; about the arrangement of stables, harnesses, and equipment; about how to correctly choose, breed, and care for horses and train riders.

Here are just some of the chapter titles contained in the book: " The horse, its origin, history, and varieties", "Main information on the anatomy and physiology of the horse", "Teaching about teeth", "External examination of the horse. Teaching about conformation", "On some internal and external horse diseases", "Feeding", " Grooming and care of horses", "Teaching about shoeing", "Equestrian riding", "Caring for a prize horse".

The text is reproduced in modern Russian spelling from the 1911 edition, but the style of presentation remains the same: it is a lively and direct narrative of a person who sincerely loves horses.

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