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Martin A. R. Meyer-Piritz (Germany, 1870-1942) was a student of P. Breuer and E. Herter. He studied at the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts from 1892 to 1896 and worked in the Academy's studio from 1899.

Meyer created many animal sculptures at the Berlin Zoo. His animals were so loved, he was a master to create an animal with his typical facial expression and behavior. He received orders for animal sculptures from several German cities.

He also designed animal figurines for Rosenthal, which were created from porcelain.

We present the statuette "Dachshund" of the early twentieth century by the German sculptor Mayer-Piritz.

The statuette is cast in bronze. On the pedestal is the stamp of the master M. Meyer-Pyritz.
The work is characterized by high plasticity of bronze casting.
Patinated bronze gives the animal's body a natural glow and emphasizes the roundness of smooth shapes.

Martin A. R. Meyer-Pyritz (1857-1942) was a German master of animal sculpture,
a member of the German Association of Artists. The sculptor's manner was distinguished by a smooth and soft interpretation of forms.

The main talent of the master was the ability to convey the individual character of the animal.
The expressions of the muzzles of his figurines are unique and interesting — stubborn, capricious, self—satisfied, good-natured
- snatched from life and captured by the observant eye of the sculptor.

The master took part in a large art exhibition in Berlin and in the Munich Exhibition.
He owns a number of sculptural works in German cities, including animal sculptures in the Berlin Zoo.

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Statuette "Dachshund". Bronze.…
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