Лот : 1565 | Rainbow Union флуоресцентный акрил, пластик

Rytov Sergey
Создано: 2009 г.
Нахождение лота Москва (77)
До закрытия 1 неделя, 1 день (Пн 04 Июл 2022 )

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Цена : 98000
Описание "Rainbow Union флуоресцентный акрил, пластик " /Картины/

The artwork is symbolic with themes that are taken from classical Tibetan Buddhism. Transparent canvas symbolizes infinite space and emptiness - it’s a basis from which everything is manifested. And image – the union of deities, accomplished with fluorescent paints is a spontaneous game of energies in this space – like emanating illusory vibrations of light and sound, which we can perceive by an innate mind in its particular natural initial state of purity. The artwork is made with bright fluorescent paints that glow under UV/black light. Creates unique and mystic atmosphere.

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