The icon of the Mother of God Theodor's icon board with the Ark., Pavolok, soil (Levkas), Gilding, tempera, varnish.

Stepanov Gennady


Icon of Russian kings.Defender of the house and family.The patroness of the brides. Before marriage with the great Russian princes, the princesses - foreigners accepted Orthodoxy and received a new patronymic - Fedorovna, in honor of the family icon of the Romanov - Theodore icon of the Mother of God. According to legend, the Theodor's icon of the Virgin was written by the evangelist Luke. The image was transferred from Jerusalem to Russian land, and when and by whom, history keeps a secret. This ancient miraculous icon is still one of the most mysterious, least studied by the great shrines of the Orthodox Church.

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Artist Stepanov Gennady
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