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05/23/1937 - 1996. Painter.Born on May 23, 1937 in Smolensk.

He had only the Minsk Art College behind him, but he was educated comprehensively, knew and loved poetry, was seriously fond of music.Nevertheless, brushes and paints possessed the greatest attractive force for him.

The painting of Valery Oleshkovsky is notable for its unpretentiousness.He did not go into any color delights, did not make complex compositional constructions, did not shine with a special technique of writing and never imitated anyone.The motives of his landscapes are captivated by their routine: small rustic huts among tall birches, wide meadows with grazing horses, forest edges.

He also really loved to write still lifes with rowan branches or armfuls of cornflowers.Everything in his painting, it would seem, is simply and clear.But this was not a simple -mindedness of an inexperienced simpleton, rather, it was the wisdom of a person who knew the truth.

The truth that it is in the simple thing that is the most important, the most important thing that the response finds in every human soul.At the same time, in his perception of life, something naive-random was preserved.It is enough to look at sketches with snowy roofs of houses, with a ridiculous stuck boiler pipe.To whom would it occur to me to write from a bird's eye view of these city backwards?And here he has a scope and some kind of delight: it seems that the sun is mischievously hiding behind the walls of houses.In the rustic winter landscapes, on the contrary, a quiet sadness is spilled, the soft light pours on the hills covered with snow and the villages lost among them.These penetration and peacefulness are characteristic of his work.He generally wrote not with a brush, not a mastic, he wrote with a feeling - heart and soul.Probably, Valery Oleshkovsky left his teaching activities even more trail.For a while, he kept classes at the Faculty of Art and Grace of the Pedagogical Institute, then he led the Isemudia in the city Palace of Pioneers.

Many of his students are now professional artists.They talk about Valeria Oleshkovsky not just with respect, but just with reverent enthusiasm.

It felt a personality, he was as if from another era: he was always emphasized, impeccably, somehow European, educated, talked a lot and inspirationally, played piano and at the same time treated his students as equal.He created a special atmosphere of confidential communication, carried away all with his indefatigable energy.At that time he worked a lot, brought huge folders to classes and showed his students his drawings, watercolors, sketches.

Valery Oleshkovsky was a real provincial intellectual, often traveled to Moscow, where he had an extensive circle of friends.He played perfectly on the guitar, sang, composed his own songs.He was a book, an amazing storyteller, an inexhaustible inventor.The indestructible spirit of freedom-thoughts, the desire to create, create, act, lived in it.He had a pure soul of a child.

He was never prosperous in life, but he could take off himself and give the last;He rushed about in search of earnings, grabbed onto everything and knew much, but disorder pursued him.There are only three dozen of his picturesque work.And many more friends and students, his jokes, witty draws, incredible stories.His image remained with a wrinkled face and childishly gullible eyes.

The memory of this amazing person and artist remained.Oleshkovsky Valery Vladimirovich died in 1996.

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