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Born in 1958, the village of Kamyshevatskaya of the Yeisk district of the Krasnodar Territory.

1980 - 1983 studied at the artistic and graphic faculty of the Krasnodar Art School.2010 member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Participation in exhibitions.2006 Regional exhibition "Gagarinskaya Spring", Gagarin.2006 Personal exhibition, Smolensk (artist's house).2007 VII International Exhibition of Painting "Lake Territory - 2007", gg.Vilnius, Trakai (Republic of Lithuania).

2007 I International Festival "Landscape 12 republics", Minsk (Republic of Belarus).2008 Regional exhibition "Artists of the Central Regions of Russia", Yaroslavl.

2008 International exhibition "From Mark Shagal to the present day", G. Smolensk.2009 Exhibition based on the results of the International Deader "Vilnius - Smolensk - 2008", Smolensk.

Lot No. 2067
Twilight in the swamp.Moon.Can…
50 000.00
Lot No. 2066
Lilac.Canvas, oil.68 x 42 cm.
55 000.00
Lot No. 2081
Winter in Gusino.Cardboard, bu…
60 000.00
Lot No. 2028
March at the porch
40 000.00
Lot No. 2079
Truck.Bazaar shops.Lithuania.C…
30 000.00
Lot No. 2078
To the top along Bolshoi Sovet…
51 000.00
Lot No. 2080
30 000.00