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Born in 1956

graduated from the Saratov Art College in 1982.

takes part in city, regional, zonal art exhibitions since 1983.In 1992, 1996, 1999, personal exhibitions were held in Orsk.Works in the genre of thematic picture, landscape.Pictures are in private collections in Russia and abroad: Germany, Italy, France, Finland, Canada.Significant painting of the talented artist Kirilchuk immerses in the world of nature and sound.

The work of a spiritually mature artist, his professional experience and attitude to art manifested in the moral position of attitude to art, in the desire of the author to a great picture form.Having absorbed the best traditions, a domestic school, Kirilchuk works in a realistic picturesque and plastic manner.In the poetry of the Central Russian nature of the full motive, the ability to comprehend the visible in the style of romantic realism is revealed.Modern society is extremely interested in preserving culture and in identifying new creative individuals and it is time to show the names of masters who can be put on a par with well -known domestic and foreign, including collectors.The artist Kirilchuk does not strive for either publicity or in the "Table of Ranks", he is completely absorbed in creativity.

The canvases of the master radiate the power of spirituality, the sources of which the author draws in romantic nostalgia for the beauty of native nature.And we admire matter, the fusion of plastic and musical principles in its motives.The artist’s work is able to captivate the viewer with great power with new episodes of the relationship of man and the world.Everyday life, as the existence and being of a person, among the environment, primarily as a category of artistic is important in the tasks of the master.The ability to work in a relaxed manner in the open -air allows you to recreate a subtle and logically meaningful transition from the real world to the image in the works.In the swell of elusive movement of water, an exalted sadness and joy are felt, turning into the harmony of the eternity of the contemplative moment.

In the dynamics and statics of the composition, in a subtle sensation of a deep - spatial relationship, a reminder of the course of time and eternity is revealed.The artist feels the power of materiality as tangible matter.The seeming light, lyrical smear of the artist vibrates into trembling foliage, excites the grass, floats through the air, sprinkles the autumn landscape with gold, dissolving in the symphony of the picturesque system of the gamut of yellow and orange shades.The exhibition introduces the experience of the method of "forge" of creativity, where works appear that represent artistic value.

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