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1955 Born in the city of Rudnya, Smolensk region.

1980 graduated from the Art and Grand Faculty of the Smolensk State Pedagogical Institute named afterK. Marx.1980-1981 artist of the automation plant.1982 Artist of Smolensk Art and Production Workshops of the Hudfond RSFSR.

1988 Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR (since 1991 - member of the Union of Artists of Russia).1997 Member of the International Deader "Sokoli Gora-97", Smolensk region.2004 was elected to the board of the Smolensk Organization of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Participation in exhibitions.Since 1979, a participant in regional art exhibitions.1985 VI Zonal exhibition "Artists of the Non -Chernozemye", G. Kostroma.1988 Republican exhibition "Science and Cosmos in the World Service", Kaliningrad.All -Union exhibition "70 years of the Komsomol", Moscow.International exhibition in the framework of the festival of art of youth of socialist countries, Moscow.Personal exhibition, Philadelphia.1989 Republican exhibition "Landscape in the work of painters of Russia", Moscow.Personal exhibition in Hagen (Germany).Personal exhibition in Essen (Germany).1990 VII Regional Exhibition "Artists of the Central Regions of Russia", Vladimir.Personal exhibition in Warsaw (Poland).1991 Inter -republican exhibition "Monuments of the Fatherland in the works of artists of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus", gg.Smolensk, Minsk.1992 Personal exhibition in Cologne (Germany).

1993 Group exhibition of Smolensk artists, Smolensk, regional drama theater.Personal exhibition, Smolensk, outbuilding of the art gallery.1994 Exhibition of Smolensk artists in Moscow, CDH.1997 Exhibition of Smolensk artists in the administration of the Smolensk region.VIII Regional Exhibition "Artists of the neutral regions of Russia", Moscow.Personal exhibition, Smolensk, Smolensk Humanitarian University.1999 Exhibition of Smolensk artists in the administration of the Smolensk region.2001 Foreign exhibition of Smolensk artists in Vitebsk (Republic of Belarus).2002 Interregional exhibition "Youth of Russia", Bryansk.

2004 Foreign exhibition of Smolensk artists in Orsha (Republic of Belarus).2005 An international exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Moscow.All -Russian exhibition "Renaissance", Belgorod.Interoblood exhibition "Gagarinskaya Spring", Gagarin.2006 All -Russian exhibition "Image of the Motherland", Vologda.2007 Exhibition of works of Smolensk artists in the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Moscow.2008 Regional exhibition "Artists of the Central Regions of Russia", Yaroslavl.All -Russian exhibition "Fatherland", Moscow.All -Russian exhibition "Monuments of the Fatherland", G. Tver.All -Russian exhibition "Renaissance", Tambov.Personal exhibition, Demidov.International exhibition "From Mark Shagal to the present day", G. Smolensk.2009 All -Russian exhibition "Russia", Moscow.

The artist’s works are stored in the Smolensk Museum-Reserve, are in private collections in Russia, Germany, Poland, France, USA.

Lot No. 2088
Morning Akatovo.Cardboard, oil…
45 000.00