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1978 was born in the city of Kimra of the Tver region.1997 graduated from the Moscow Academic Art College & Laquo; 1905 memory & raquo;.1997-2000 studied at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute.V.I. Surikova.2001 Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.Participation in exhibitions.Since 1991, a participant in regional art exhibitions.1997 Personal exhibition, Moscow (CDH).2000 All -Russian exhibition & ndash;Competition 1999 All -Russian exhibition & laquo; Russia & raquo;, Moscow.All -Russian exhibition & laquo; Renaissance & raquo;, G. Kostroma.Personal exhibition, Moscow (Russian Culture Fund).2000 All -Russian exhibition & ndash;Competition of young artists & laquo; artist, draw Moscow & raquo;, in Moscow (awarded the 1st place.) Personal exhibition, Moscow (post. Hall on Taganka).Personal exhibition, Vyazma of the Smolensk region.2001 International exhibition & laquo; time.Space.Man & raquo;, Gagarin.Foreign exhibition of works by Smolensk artists in Vitebsk, the Republic of Belarus.2005 All -Russian exhibition & laquo; Renaissance & raquo;, Belgorod.2008 Regional exhibition & laquo; artists of the central regions of Russia & raquo;, Yaroslavl.International exhibition & laquo; from Mark Shagal to this day & raquo;, Smolensk.2009 All -Russian exhibition & laquo; Russia & raquo;, Moscow.Personal exhibition, Smolensk (DH, Big Hall).

Lot No. 2101
Sunny day.Watercolor.24 x 30 cm
75 000.00