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1938 painter, member of the Union of Artists.

A native of the village of Tavolzhanka Lipetsk district of the Tambov province.Member of the Finnish campaign, the Great Patriotic War.

1937 graduated from the decorative and forming department of the Tambov Art College.1935-1937 Member of the Tambov Regional Partnership "Artist".

1937-1938 The artist of the Voronezh regional collective farm and land mobile theater, the houses of pioneers (1938), the Pishchevik recreation center (1938–1939).& nbsp;

Since 1947 - artist of the Voronezh regional partnership "Artist".

1952–1954, 1963–1965 Chairman of the board of the regional branch of the Union of Artists.

The author of the plot-thematic paintings, portraits, landscapes: “In the dugout” (1944), “Schoolgirls” (1948), “Industrial landscape” (1949), “After the shift” (1954), “Voronezh.Chernavsky Bridge is being built ”(1958),“ collective farm everyday life ”(1961),“ On the Don ”(1971),“ Old Trenches ”(1972),“ On the farm.Young livestock breeders ”(1977),“ Summer in the Stone Steppe ”(1985) and others

A participant in the regional, inter -regional, zonal, republican exhibitions since 1936. Personal exhibitions of the artist took place in Voronezh in 1948–1949, 1960, 1968, 1978. The works of V.K. Komolov are in funds in VOKhM.See: Vasiliev A. A peculiar artist

VASILY KUZMICH KOMOLOV Born in the Village of Tavolazhanka, Lipitsky Region in 1918, Vasily Grew up in a Village Working Family.In 1933 he Moved to Tambov in Order to Attend the Art College, What He Studied Painting and Theater Design.He Graduated in 1937 and Moved to Voronezh in 1938. Vasily Was Quickly Accepted Into the Art Community in Voronezh and Was Accepted the Same Into the Voronezh Artist's Union.He was One of the Youngest Artists to Ever Be Accepted to the Artist's Union.

Most Artists Work for Many Years Before They Are Finally Elected Into the Union.In 1940 Vasily, Like All Young Men in Russia At the Time, Was Drafted Into the Red Army.During HIS Service in the Great Patriotic War Vasily Was Shot in the Upper Leg, Sustaining a Wound Would Plague Him for the Rest of His Life.He was discched from the Army in 1942 and Returned to Voronezh to Resume His Life as a Painter.Soon after His Return He Married Another Artist, Paulina, With Whom He Shared His Life Until His Death at the Age of Sixty Six in 1984.

Vasily Participated in All Major Russian and Soviet Exhives.In 1968 The Voronezh Artists' Union Gave Him A Personal Exchibition.Few Artists have the Opportunity to this.The Exhive Included the Works that Had Been Commissioned by the Kameney Collective Farm in Kalach, For Its Wheat Production.These Works are rich in color and brilliant in light.EVEN THIGH VASILY LIVED in A Time When An Artist's Creativity Was Controlled by the Central Government He Found A Way to Speak in His Own Voice.He Mixed the Socialist Realilsm with Russian Impressionism in a Way that No Other Artist in the Voronezh Region Cook.He Monumentalized EVERYUDAY RUSSIAN LIFE WITHOUT A SIGN of PRETENSION.HIS WIFE PAULINA, A SUCCESSFUL Artist in Her Own Right, Has Spent Her Time Sincy His Death Promoting His Life's Work.Examples of Komolov's work Canber Be Seen in the Dictionary of Russian and Soviet Painters, Written by Matthew Cullerne Bown.

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