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Oleg Ardimasov was born in 1936 in Khabarovsk.

Already in childhood, he showed great interest in the art of drawing.

The young artist received professional training on the average art school of Irkutsk, located near Lake Baikal.After graduating from the school, he entered the Moscow Art Institute widely known around the world.V.I. Surikova, studied under the leadership of large masters of painting, such as E. Kibrik and K. Maksimov.

In 1964 he entered the graduate school of this institute. After the graduate from graduate school, O. Ardimasov remains at the institute as a teacher.

The next 30 years, he devoted to teaching and creative work, becoming a professor, a porter of the Institute named afterV.I. Surikova (1985-1997), member of the Academy of Hummani of Russia.He was awarded the title (Honored Artist of Russia). Cartes O. Ardimasov distinguish truly Russian flavor and great skill.

He is most capable of writing a still life, landscape and portrait.Of his best works, it is worth calling (Russian Monastery), (Kitay-Gorod) and (Moscow Kremlin), and Tayuka numerous canvases written in recent years.

They won the author of world glory. The work of O. Ardimasov became the subject of hunting for collectors of many foreign countries, including Japan, the Republic of Korea, Vezhbrinia, France, Germany, the USA, Spain, Canada, Israel and Poland.
The artist’s personal exhibition was held in 1985 in Moscow.

Pictures are stored in the Plane.A.S.Pushkin, Tula Art Museum, Chita Art Museum, Kemerovo Regional Picture Gallery.

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