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1930, from Zacualpán, State of Mexico.

Watercolor Ignacio Barrios is an outstanding artist from Mexico will present his work in the artistic exhibition "Crystal brushstrokes" to the Salvadoran public, which has been mounted in the exhibition hall of the Cultural Center of Mexico.>

But his work in El Salvador is not limited in the exhibition of his art, but transcends these lines to direct a workshop on his specialty to teachers and students at the National Arts Center.

Ignacio Barrios has been honored by its long artistic career, but has achieved greater weight in Mexico given its deep inclination towards watercolors, the most difficult technique within the talk arts.

This painter is a native of Zacualpán, State of Mexico, who since his early years began to build his artistic skills.Given this seed inside, Barrios did not concentrate their attention to school or family, but precisely to watercolors.When he was 12 years old, he leaves his homeland, Zacualpán, attracted by the teachings he could receive in Mexico.Thus, he enters the Academy of San Carlos, where he meets his first teachers Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco.Self -taught painter despite finding the teaching he was looking for in Mexico City, Ignacio Barrios declares himself self -taught.

The graphic beginning of the Mexican artist starts with the classic and academic landscape, which subsequently offers the fundamentals to new work.Within its development, Barrios has addressed other paths in search of modern issues, with the aim of finding a freer and more expressive style.At present, Ignacio Barrios continues to develop landscaping, although not to the extent that he did in its beginnings.The painter has oriented his attention to the human figure, always in that search for challenges.

The nude represents for this Mexican artist his greatest challenge, but also the most beautiful landscape on the planet.Ignacio Barrios' work is based on the mixture of certain neutral colors, supported by good drawing and the creative source provided by the Eternal, being creative and supreme.

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