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The world-famous surrealist artist.

Rinat Baibekov I started drawing at a young age and I really love it to this day.
Looking back, I can say with confidence that fine art has become my main language. My dialogue with the world is mostly visual in nature. I believe that everyone has the potential for creativity. As a citizen of planet Earth, I consider our planet as a perfect unique example of artistic creativity. We were given a magnificent universe with all its stars so that we could choose and create our own world.
Using knowledge and experience, you can masterfully apply the rules of composition, proportions, colors, tones, various techniques, effects, style to be considered a professional artist, but ultimately remain just a craftsman, of which there are many.
To become a Creator /artist in a broader sense, you need to strive for something more grandiose, beautiful, new, which I strive to achieve every day. Where does a person get inspiration? For me, inspiration comes from the workflow, the search for ideas in everything that surrounds me, in this amazing world with all its many facets.

I draw inspiration from the ancients, philosophies, theological ideas, all kinds of art, history and people, as well as from the greatest teacher - Nature. My father, also an artist, taught me that if you don't have a teacher, go to Mother Nature.
The richness of nature is beyond our comprehension, and each new look reveals more and more.”
Rinat Baibekov was born in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) in 1962 in a family of artists.

He started sketching at a very young age, attending full-time drawing courses in parallel with elementary school. After graduating from high school, Rinat was accepted into the Kazan College of Fine Arts and Design.
This, in turn, was followed by the Kharkiv Academy of Fine Arts and Design, where he specialized in monumental art - (Public Art).
Having lived and worked as an artist in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) until 1990, Rinat moved to Toronto, Canada.
In 1997, Rinat crossed the ocean again, this time to the UK, where he eventually settled.

2009 - Annual exhibition of the Leys School, Cambridge, UK
2009 - Group Show, Gamlingay, Bedfordshire, UK
2009 - Annual CD Exhibition, Guild Hall, Cambridge, UK
2009 - "Common Faces", Intercity Gallery, Vancouver Canada
2008 - Group Show, Art in the Chapel, Cambridge, UK
2008 - Solo Exhibition, Beccles, UK
2008 - Annual CD Exhibition, Guild Hall, Cambridge, UK
2007 - Annual CD Exhibition, Guild Hall, Cambridgeshire
2006 - Solo Exhibition, Kapitsa House, Cambridge, UK
2006 - Group Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Kazan, Russia
2005 - Group show, The Michaelhouse, Cambridge, UK
2004 - Solo exhibition, St. John's College, Cambridge, UK 2004 - Group Show, Guild Hall, Cambridge, UK
2003 - Solo exhibition, Mondo Bizarro Gallery, Bologna, Italy
2002 - Eros Materia - Solo exhibition, Mondo Bizarro Gallery, Bologna, Italy
2001 - Solo exhibition, Forty-Seven Gallery, London, UK 2000 - Solo exhibition, Ashcroft Gallery, London, UK 1999 - Solo exhibition, Paul Hawkins Gallery, London, UK 1998 - Solo exhibition, The Heifer Gallery, London, UK 1998 - Solo exhibition, Konkers Gallery, London, UK 1998 - Solo exhibition, Apollo Gallery, London, UK 1997 - Solo exhibition, See Gallery, Toronto, Canada 1996 - Solo exhibition, Sobot Gallery, Toronto, Canada 1995 - Solo exhibition, Baibekov Art Studio, Toronto, Canada 1994 - Solo exhibition, Sodarco Gallery, Montreal, Canada 1993 - Exhibition Gropu, Ontario Place, Toronto, Canada
1992 - Solo exhibition, Theodore Art Museum, Toronto, Canada
1991 - Solo exhibition, French Consulate, Toronto, Canada
1990 - Solo exhibition, Kostaki Auction House, Toronto, Canada
1990 - Group show, Exhibition of Contemporary Artists of Russia
1989 - Exhibition Gropup, FCRA, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France
1989 - Group show, FCRA, Cologne-Munich, Germany
1987 - Solo exhibition, Nevsky Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
1987 - Group exhibition, Arbat Gallery, Moscow, Russia

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