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was born in 1940 in the artist’s family.Crime years, not only for the formation of personality, & nbsp; for survival.Who knows how and why the need for beauty is born.But this is either, or & Hellip;& nbsp;

Studying at the school was combined using & ndash;Studying at the father’s workshop, after graduation, is the Baltic Fleet.Kronstat.And most importantly, is a complete realization that it is not a sailor, Gennady Kurochkin, he is an artist.Preparatory courses and admission to the Mukhinsk School during a military service without hope for early demobilization, but & hellip;He became a student, graduated with honors in 1967 the Higher Leningrad Art College named after V.I.Mukhina. & Nbsp; rare case to use incredible energy for creation.
Working on art synthesis, is the author of interior compositions- culture palaces, museums, rest houses, exhibitions, industrial and administrative objects.
Member of the Union of Architects since 1975
Member of international and all -Union, republican and Moscow art exhibitions.Took part in the chief artist in exhibitions & ndash;Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, in Vietnam and West Berlin. & Nbsp;
Member of the Union of Artists since 1982
Family works were exhibited in Poland, Germany, USA, Vietnam.

Work are in private collections of the USA, India, Turkey, Spain, Slovenia.
The last part in exhibitions in Russia, - Moscow, Manege, 1990, - & laquo; Soviet Russia & raquo;. & Nbsp;
But participation or non -participation in exhibitions does not determine the need for creativity, so the baggage that reflects the path today & nbsp; more than three hundred canvases.Canvases & ndash;refractive, canvases - windows to another world.

Lot No. 2007
Silence.canvas.oil.80 x 100
90 000.00
Lot No. 2008
Still life
90 000.00