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Born on February 26, 1965. He lives and works in Moscow. Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts (Department of painting, since 2021). Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (1997). Member of the Moscow Union of Artists (2011). Education: Surikov Moscow State Art Institute (1995), supervisor - Yu.K. Korolev. Key works: "Family. From the maternity hospital" (2001, oil on canvas, 90x180); "On the road" (2008, oil on canvas); "Traveler" (2008, oil on canvas, 116x143); "Happiness" (2018, oil on canvas, 40x200); "My great-grandfather is 25 years old" (2019, oil on canvas, 140x250); "Time to sow" (2019, oil on canvas, 140x2500); "Wolves" (2020, oil on canvas, 100x250); "Plowman" (2021, oil on canvas, 140x250); "Bright day" (2022, oil on canvas, 160x200); "Family concerns" (2022, oil on canvas, 150x250). Works are held in private and state collections in Russia, Spain, China, and America. Solo exhibitions: State Duma hall of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in Moscow (1998, 2012); Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow (2002, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015); Central House of Artists in Moscow (2009); Cultural Center "Dom Ozerova" in Kolomna (2011, 2016); Exhibition hall of the Historical and Art Museum in Luhovitsy (2011); Vyshnevolotsky local history Museum named after G.G. Monakhova (2014); "The soul of Russia lives in the village" at the FSB Academy of Russia (Moscow, 2022). Public activity: Head of the "Guard of October 1993 Memory" (since 1993) and the association "Artist-Villagers" (since 2010); creator and head of the project "TV Artist-Internet Television" (since 2011). Public awards: "Golden brush" of the Moscow International Exhibition-Competition of Contemporary Painting (2007); Silver medal of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (2020); statuette "Golden Pen", diplomas of a finalist and laureate of the literary award named after Sergei Yesenin "My Russia" (2021); Diploma in the categoryWinner of the National Literary Award "Writer of the Year" (2021); Medals "Sergei Yesenin 125 years" (2021), "Fyodor Dostoevsky 200 years" (2022), "Nikolai Nekrasov 200 years" (2022) of the Russian Union of Writers. Awards of the Russian Academy of Arts: Silver medal (2021). "Talented painter and caring person, Andrey Gennadievich Podshivalov was born in the village of Kislyanka in the Kurgan region. He received his primary and secondary specialized education in Kuibyshev (now Samara), where he successfully graduated from the art high school and the painting faculty of the art school. A promising young man was noticed in high artistic circles - for a year Andrey painted landscapes at the "Academic Dacha named after I.E. Repin." This was followed by studies at the Moscow State Surikov Art Institute, where the main mentor of the active student was Yu.K. Korolev. During his studies at the institute and after its completion, Andrey Podshivalov regularly participated in internships at the forge of the formation of many domestic painters - in the same famous "Academichka." The leaders of the currents for the young painter were outstanding masters of Soviet visual art Yu.P. Kugach, A.P. Levitin, A.P. and S.P. Tkachev, and other famous artists. "In the streams, there were usually sixty or more people coming from many regions of the Soviet Union," Podshivalov recalls. "Among them were both aspiring artists and established masters. However, everyone became equal for a while. The assessment was one - a well-painted work. Continuous communication with outstanding masters, creative discussions, intense work on canvases contributed to rapid growth of skills, formation of worldview, and artistic principles." Andrey Podshivalov entered the mature phase of his life. Ahead of him is a time of work and reflections, a time of realizing the high potential of the artist."From the book "1000 Great Russian Artists""nikov".
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