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Vitaliy Mikhaylovich Skobelev (March 25, 1938, Moscow - May 5, 1984, Moscow) was a painter and graphic artist who was part of the group "Twenty Moscow Artists." Vitaliy Mikhaylovich Skobelev was born in Moscow in 1938. He began painting at the age of fifteen. In 1961, he graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. He worked as an architect in the Design Department of the World Exhibition and Mosproekt-2. As a young specialist, he completed a number of projects for public and residential buildings, proposed the layout idea for the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance building, which later became the project for the CMEA building (now the Moscow City Hall) on Novy Arbat. In 1964, he transitioned to teaching. While working at the painting department of the Moscow Architectural Institute, he conducted innovative experiments for that time on the technique of using color in architecture. In 1977, he joined the MOCHG (Moscow United Committee of Graphic Artists) and participated in legendary exhibitions on Malaya Gruzinskaya Street (Moscow Graphic Artists Union), including in the group "Twenty Moscow Artists." His paintings can be identified as "metaphysical realism." He designed several performances, participated in exhibitions of theatrical artists, and worked on book and magazine graphics. In 1983, he became a member of the painting section of the Union of Artists of the USSR. V. M. Skobelev's paintings are held in museums and private collections in Russia and abroad. Exhibitions: - 1970 Arts Festival, Moscow. Diploma of 1st degree for stage design; - 1969-1971 Exhibitions of works by Moscow theatrical artists, VTO, Moscow; - 1971-1973 Exhibitions at MARHI, Moscow; - 1977 Portrait Exhibition, MOCHG, Moscow; - 1978 Still Life and Landscape Exhibition, MOCHG, Moscow; - 1978-1979, 1981-1982 Exhibitions of "Twenty Moscow Artists," MOCHG, Moscow; - 1979 Spring Painting Exhibition, MOCHG, Moscow; - 1980-1982 Painting and Graphics Exhibition, CDA, Moscow; - 1982 "100 Landscapes" Exhibition, MOCHG, Moscow; - 1981 Painting Exhibition, MOSH, Moscow; - 1982 Painting Exhibition by V. Skobelev, MOCHG, Moscow.
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Metaphysical realism