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Lanvin /Lanvin /

The history of the creation of the Lanvin brand.

In 1889, a woman named Jeanne Lanvin opened a small shop with women's clothing and accessories in the heart of world fashion - in Paris. She had children whom she loved immensely and sewed dresses for them. Many customers who came into the store saw these masterpieces of man-made art and ordered them in large quantities for their children. Seeing the success of her needlework for children, Jeanne decides to start producing a specialized line of clothes specifically for kids. So after some time, in 1908, a new and unexpected path of children's fashion was created, founded by Lanvin as a pioneer.

A special highlight of these clothes was that the woman did not make children's clothes according to adult models, as was considered the norm, but came up with something completely new and unique. Next year, Jeanne sews clothes not only for the younger generation, but also for their beautiful mothers, which include very famous and respected women of France at that time. The name of the fashion point "Lanvin" is gradually beginning to enter the masses. Therefore, after some time, the brand joins the so-called "High Fashion Syndicate", which gives Jeanne the right to be called a couturier and expand into a Fashion House.

This circumstance helped the brand not only financially, but also creatively inspired the creator. In 1913, incredibly beautiful ladies' dresses appeared: an original and one-of-a-kind floral design combined with ankle-length. They instantly win women's hearts with their sophistication and sophistication! A little later, Lanvin finally has its own logo, which depicts a girl holding the hand of a gorgeous lady. This sign embodies the focus of the work of the Fashion House.

In 1924, having reached the peak of its development in the textile industry, the brand began working with perfumes. Incomparable collections are being created that will forever go down in history as flawless and unique. Thanks to such a diverse assortment and high-quality products, the brand becomes one of the most authoritative among those that had in the thirties of that century. Among the regular customers there are not just influential people in Europe, but movie stars and singers who unwittingly advertise the brand's products and Lanvin perfumes. Unfortunately, in 1946, Jeanne Lanvin dies and her daughter Marie de Polignac takes her place, who died suddenly ten years later, so Yves Lanvin is appointed the final head.

The Lanvin brand nowadays.

At the end of the twentieth century, in 1996, Lanvin came under the responsibility of L'Oreal Group. In the 2000s, Albert Yelbaz was appointed head. In 2006, being also a creative interior designer, he demonstrates modern packaging for products from the Lanvin brand. It depicts forget-me-nots in a color that the creator Jeanne Lanvin loved very much. The label is currently most widely known in 2009 due to a photograph of the former first lady of the United States of America in suede Lanvin sneakers worth over six hundred dollars. That is why, having seen how interested potential buyers in the states are, the brand expands in this direction, and on the fourth of December of the same year, the first store in the USA opens. A year later, the brand begins cooperation with a very well-known trading house "H& M", which brings doubly more popularity.

To date, Lanvin boutiques are located not only in France and the USA, but also in places such as the UK, Canada, Italy, Japan and, of course, Russia. The largest of them is the one in New York on Madison Avenue. Now in place of the director is Bukhra Jarar, skillfully preserving the traditions of the brand, but at the same time adding something new and fresh, brought by the trend of fashion trends.

About the creator of the Lanvin brand.

Jeanne Lanvin is the founder of the eponymous brand and a French famous couturier. She was born in 1867 on the first of January in Paris. The father was a "sharp-tongued" journalist, so the girl took over from him the vivacity of character and perseverance. Initially, she was the only one in the family, but later there were about nine sisters and brothers. Due to her father's poorly paid work and a large number of children who need to be fed, shod and dressed, the girl gets a job early, at the age of thirteen.

So, she has been working as an assistant at Madame Bonnis' atelier for three years. Having received the necessary experience and work experience, almost an adult Jeanne, goes to work in the Fashion House "Suzanne Tabolt". Enthusiastically, with a sense of self-esteem, the ambitious Lanvin opens her own atelier, but it quickly went bankrupt. Therefore, her father decides to help his pet and signs a contract with a seamstress to teach his daughter. The friendship that arose between the girl and the woman led the first to the fact that she learned to sew perfectly, and also spent about five years in Barcelona, instead of the three months prescribed in the contract. It is from this moment that the magical story of the fragile girl becoming a true master of her craft begins.