Politioner (height 20 cm)

IFZ Porcelain Porcelain Plant


The sculpture is made at the imperial porcelain factory made of hard porcelain.The form is posed manually.For decoration, manual supra -glazing painting is used.The author of the form and painting is Natalia Danko.The production of the product began in 1920.Height - 20 cm. The author’s original is stored in the collection of state Hermitage.

The sculpture of the "Politioner", created by Natalya Danko in 1920, is part of a series of works of the author dedicated to revolutionary propaganda themes.The Soviet state sought to use the agitation capabilities of art to propagate the new system, its ideological values.

The author of the drawing and shape Danko Natalya Yakovlevna (1894-1942)-Soviet sculptor-ceramist, since 1914 she worked in the sculptural workshop of the LFZ.As his assistant, she was invited by V. Kuznetsov, who by this time began to head the sculptural department of the plant.Political changes in the country in 1917 forced Danko and other plant workers to move in work to a new revolutionary and propaganda theme.During this period, N. Danko does such works as “partisans on the campaign”, “embroidering a banner”, “policeman”, “sailor with a banner”, “an employee who speaks speech”.Since 1919, Natalya Danko has been appointed head of the plant’s sculptural workshop, and since 1931, also responsible for the release of the sculpture for export.For its creative activity, Danko completed more than 300 socially directed and patriotic porcelain figures and compositions.

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