Silver stand for toothpicks peasant



Silver 925 ° - average weight 370 g. Format: 147 x 47 x 53 mm. An exclusive stand for wooden toothpicks, made completely manually in the style of “old” masters of the Moscow jewelry school.The figure of the peasant is worked out in detail, the elements of the costume are gilded.The stand is perfectly combined with a set for spices "peasant".The product is utilitarian, and will not stand idle. A representative look, worthy of a packed gift. “The peasant is a kind of way-dear And I wear it on my shoulders, Who has so much weighed, What is a preferential on the way. ... And the burden of that was a wallet stuffed with hay, But she seemed to the man a bitter horseradish. ... The peasant went on the road and took it with him; But it is necessary to know here that it was in winter, When only the rivers became And the snow of ice has not yet been covered. The peasant lies the road through the ice. The peasant does not think anything; Suddenly, slipping, he fell off However, he fell on the burden without harm.

The trouble was close! Peasant, rightly you were killed, When I wear it to take with me, I was too lazy. "

Ivan Khemnizer 1775 Russian style in a silver gift. Series: Russian village.

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