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In 2003, domestic porcelain companies replenished with the new experimental workshop of Igor Klimenkov.Despite such a young age, this is already a full -fledged and independent enterprise, with original features and visual execution style.Masters produce porcelain products under the brands Far4 and Klimenkoff.

Klimenkova’s workshop implemented her first project in the style of Gardner's enterprise, according to the images presented in the magazine "Magic Lantern" of 1817.Then the specialists of a small enterprise focused on the implementation of modern figures.

over the next 19 years of work, a unique collection of porcelain products was prepared in the workshop.The key topics at the current stage of creativity are the Moscow Metro and the city characters of the 50-70s, as well as real works of art in the form of original and sophisticated flowers.

The prevailing majority of the works of Klimenkov’s workshop is the fruit of the look into the past, andTo be more precise, they are made in the sought -after spirit of nostalgia for times of the Soviet past.Porcelain plastic in products - bright memories of the past, childhood, youth, when absolutely everything was happy.

Moscow metro in this aspect is the apogee of socialist realism.The workshop is engaged in the production of murals, reliefs and sculptures in the style of relics of past decades.Each unique product fills the room with the joy of past years that have not lost relevance today.

Porcelain products of Klimenkov’s workshop amaze with a new look at the long -forgotten events of the past.In the "subtle" porcelain amazing perfection of implementation.Thanks to this workshop, it was possible to form a fundamentally new direction in Russian porcelain art - porcelain plastic.

Lot No. 4845
Mosaic plate of the Kyiv metro…
750 000.00
Lot No. 5162
Sculpture "Winter" decorated.
185 000.00
Lot No. 4848
Mosaic plate of the Metro stat…
220 000.00