The sculpture of the Bull of the tribal Russia.Kusinsky cast -iron plant.Con.XIX-nach.XX century.



Russia.Kusinsky cast -iron plant.Con.XIX-nach.XX century.Cast iron, casting, mount.Grand: Foundry Enterprise "Cus.Z. "Under the emblem of the Russian Empire and the casting number "D No. 37".Height - 24 cm, base sizes: 36.8x15 cm. Excellent safety.

In 182 km from Chelyabinsk there is a small town of Kusa, famous for the manufacture of wonderful works of art - artistic casting casting.The history of the Kusinsky Ironing Plant begins in 1754, when the merchant Mosolov bought land from local residents for metallurgical production.The glory of Kusinsky art of casting has always been in the shadow of the glory of the famous Kaslinsky casting.The best works of KUSS were often mistakenly called KASLL art castings.This is due to the fact that in many cases, the masters of Kusov and caslayed the same models. The work of Kusinsky masters received international recognition.In 1888, Kusinsky casting products were awarded at the exhibition in Copenhagen, in 1897 they were awarded a silver medal in Stockholm, and in 1906 they received the highest award of the international exhibition in Milan.

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