Antique XIX century sculpture "Coming Horseman (Anichkov Bridge)" The author of the model Klodt Petr Karlovich 1846.Bronze.



Cultuula "Contemporary.XIX century.Supporting Konets XIX VEKA POPAZ to the BPONZE with Author's model Klodt Pyotr Karlovich, 1846, "Coon with the same" or "Yuna, who was on the senior."(Kooh SO statue on the Anichka Bridge).Figure of youth in an ancient tunic, an impatial way.Bronze.Casting.FOPMOVKA.Checking.POPASKA.367 x 348 x 217 mm.Weight 15.2 kg.The magnificent work of the tsarist period.High -quality molding and study of individual parts.The figure of the horse is hollow.All elements of the reins are preserved.

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Category Antiques

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