Sculptor E. Fremiet's Borzoi



The original work of the French sculptor E. Fremiet (1824-1919), executed at the highest level, in the finest detail conveys the anatomy of the body and the characteristic features of the breed. Emmanuel Fremiet (1824-1910) was the greatest French animal sculptor of the 19th century; he worked in the traditions of naturalism and neoclassicism. Born into a family of moderate means closely connected to the arts, Fremiet's second cousin, Sophie, was married to the renowned sculptor Francois Rude. At the age of 13, young Fremiet entered the Paris School of Decorative Arts. He then became a pupil of his uncle, F. Rude. In 1845, E. Fremiet exhibited his first work, a sculpture of a gazelle at the Paris Salon. Subsequently, he created numerous small bronze animal figurines, for which he received various awards and prizes. In 1849, the master received his first official (state) commission; he later repeatedly carried out such works, especially his numerous statues adorning the streets and squares of Paris. From 1855 to 1859, E. Fremiet worked on a commission from Emperor Napoleon III - a series of statues of horseback riders. During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 and the subsequent siege of Paris, the sculptor left the capital, and his home was looted. After the war, Fremiet completed works in Germany, Romania, and his homeland, led the sculpture department at the Louvre, engaged in teaching activities, and completed several commissions for the Museum of Natural History in Paris. In 1887, he was awarded the Honorary Medal for sculpture "Gorilla Carrying Off a Woman" at the Paris Salon. Since 1892, Emmanuel Fremiet has been a member of the Academy of Fine Arts and a professor of painting at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. Fremiet is one of the most famous sculptors depicting animals. Currently, bronze miniatures by Fremiet are highly valued by specialists and collectors.
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